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How to recognize cancer in time: signs of cancer

Cancer is a dangerous disease, but in Russia more than 2.8 million people are living with this diagnosis. According to statistics, every year around the world die from cancer more than 7-8 million people. Oncological diseases are on the 2nd place on the list of mortality in the first cores. Although our country had escaped the ranks of the "developed" countries, has still not revealed the full cancer treatment.

Treatment is effective in detecting cancer at an early stage. Not to miss this moment, you need to pay attention to any change in the body, because the causes of cancer can be very different, up to a slight pain in any part of the body.

Factors influencing the development of cancer

On the development of cancer is influenced by internal and external (exogenous and endogenous) predisposing and contributing factors. It's important to recognize the causes of cancer and to undertake the necessary measures to eliminate consequences.

  • vozrastAge. Annual screening for a malignant tumor is recommended after the age of 35-40. It was after this "limit age" the problem starts with cancer. The major part of mortality from cancer in 2006 at age 65-79 years, in 2010, the age was significantly reduced and amounted to 45-55 years.
  • Bad habits. Because of the carcinogens, bad habits, not the best impact on health. But if there is a predisposition to cancer, you have to give up bad habits once and for all, as Smoking can trigger lung cancer, alcohol cancer of the esophagus and throat.
  • External factors. The geographical location of the place of residence depends on the quality of life of the population. Even in industrialized countries, medicine is thriving, but the statistics of mortality from cancer for a long time "has gone" beyond the rational. The reason: the quality of air and water, radiation and more. more. A striking example – the liquidators of Chernobyl disaster suffered from radiation and official data on mortality and disease still does not exist.
  • A way of life. About healthy lifestyles we can argue forever: sedentary lifestyle and diet harmful products affect the body is not at its best. Excessive consumption of fatty foods leads to cancer of the uterus, breast, ovarian, and colon cancer occurs as a result of the use of a small quantity of fiber.
  • Genetic predisposition. Not the fact that you will get cancer if your mother, grandmother and great-grandmother suffered from cancer. But in this case, regular inspection is simply necessary, all the same genetics plays a role.
  • Interesting fact: people with stable material Deposit cancer of skin, prostate and colon, while people with low income more often suffer from cancer of the stomach and larynx.

Cancer symptoms

The signs of cancer you need to pay attention, especially if you have a predisposition to this disease.

Cancer of the uterus

rak matkiHigh levels of estrogen. The body in time the woman recognizes the development of malignant tumors in the uterus and ovaries, sending a signal with the help of estrogen. However, this is inexact figure, sometimes with a negative figure may develop a malignant tumor.

Symptoms of uterine cancer can occur at later stages and in the advanced form. Cancer of the uterus in the early stages are rarely seen, unfortunately, but some symptoms to pay attention is still possible. If progressive disease observed:

1. Selection.

Unpleasant mucous or purulent discharge may occur when the candidiasis, but cancer is no exception. With extreme caution should be taken to discharge blood.

2. Spotting.

If you regularly between periodsobserved spotting then a visit to the doctor is necessary to avoid the endometrium.

Cancer of the rectum

rak pryamoj kishkiIn women, colon cancer is often manifested premenstrual secretions. And not very regularly, it is possible that such selection can be observed only between 2-3 cycles and then will stop at all.

Basically show symptoms such as exacerbation of chronic diseases of the genitourinary system and violation of the chair.

  • Frequent urge to urinate.

The reason may be diseases of the genitourinary system, you need a thorough medical examination.

  • Violation of the chair.

You may experience diarrhea, change in the amount of feces, constipation and so on. Common symptoms: bloody discharge of stool and pain in the anus.

Lung cancer

Coughing up blood is the first indicator of lung cancer. Painful and dry cough may indicate asthma, but if the cough is accompanied by phlegm and blood, it is recommended to be tested for detection of cancer cells.

There are cases where lung cancer is accompanied by no apparent reason and the discovery of it possibly in the initial stages with the help of x-rays.

Skin cancer

Neoplasms in the form of dark color may indicate cancer. Skin cancer progresses fairly quickly, occasionally there are situations of slow effects on the body.

Moles can also become precursors of cancer: increase, change in color and appearance.

Breast cancer

Breast cancer in the early stages can be identified, if you regularly monitor the condition of the breast. The increase in size, induration and discharge from the nipple may indicate disease. Pain in the early stages may not occur, so patients and do not pay attention to external changes.

Progressive cancer characterized by a change of color in the chest area.

Stomach cancer

About symptoms of stomach cancer it is possible to write endlessly, too many of them. These symptoms and contribute to incorrect diagnoses. Doctors often attribute the symptoms of cancer symptoms of gastritis are unaware that "under the nose" goes the most important and expensive for the patient.

Other signs of cancer include:

  • Sudden weight loss.

rak zheludkaRapid weight loss can occur with any diseases. But if there is no apparent reason to consult with a doctor need. Cancer in the first place "hits" on the immune system that leads to external changes in the body.

  • Swollen lymph nodes.

If lymph nodes are increased and in a month not changing in size, then you need to go to the doctor to undergo a biopsy to rule out cancer.

  • Temperature.

High temperature in cancer evidence of inflammation in the body. If the temperature is high constantly, this can indicate that cancer affects the whole organ system.

The temperature is a shining example to define the cancer in its initial stage, it often increases only in the last stages.

Willfully ignore signs of cancer, wrongly assuming that it is incurable, it is not necessary. Even the last stage of cancer is not a death sentence! With proper treatment can prolong life by a few decades.

Remember! Early cancer detection increases the chances of recovery.

3 myths about cancer

Myth 1. Cancer infectious disease and cancer patients are advised to stay away.

This myth is easy to disprove, even those that doctors treat patients without taking special precautions to protect themselves from the disease. At very long contact, the disease cannot be passed from one person to another.

In part, this myth has a right to be. Cancer is inherited.

title="multiple moles" alt="numerous moles">Myth 2. People with numerous moles have cancer.

Any tumor on the skin can cause cancer. The key word is may, so all people with moles to classify cancer patients is not necessary.

Congenital moles are not dangerous, they just need to follow regularly. Zoom, color change, scratching, etc. features are a cause for concern and seeking medical attention.

Myth 3. Cancer cannot be cured.

After a terrible diagnosis, almost 98% of patients panic and 92% of them are not able to take himself in hand.

The death health is not at its best. Numerous stress only provoke challenging symptoms and bring "the end." Early detection of a disease in an early stage gives a positive result. Known cases in medicine, when people in the last stages of cancer, which is no longer able to walk without the help of others, miraculously back on his feet. One reason is the belief in healing and modern medicine.