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Desmoid fibroma

The fibroids are called benign tumors that can develop in different places: on the bones, the feet on the uterine wall.

In most cases fibroma is not dangerous and the life expectancy is not affected, but it happens that education starts to increase in size, which leads to different kinds of health problems.

Desmoid fibroma: what is it?

fibromaDesignee fibroids (also called aggressive fibromatosis) are tumors that develop in the muscles or associated tissues and are intermediate between benign and malignant education. While desmoidnyi fibroids do not contribute to the development of metastases.

These formations may occur in any part of the human body, but most often strike the area of the front abdominal wall, back, and shoulder girdle.

Tumours designee fibroids range from 3 to 16 cases out of a thousand, and in most cases occur in women. Usually this happens in 20-30 years, mainly parous women. The possibility of fibroids in nulliparous is 6%.

Men suffer from designyh fibroids most often in the periods of childhood or puberty.


Currently not revealed the exact reasons for designee of the tumor. Scientists put forward the version of hormonal disorders and genetic predisposition, the occurrence of formations after surgery, and women— because of gaps in the process of childbirth.

This disease is rare and treatable.


Tumors can occur in any muscle, but in most cases, striking the abdominal wall and shoulder girdle. Tumors are:

  • peripheral;
  • intra-abdominal and extra-abdominal;
  • mammary tumors in women.

Depending on the type of tumor and different symptoms. Take a closer look.

Peripheral tumor called elastic and movable tumor, which can occur in the abdomen, in rare cases in the lower extremities. The skin over the tumor is not broken, and the only symptom in this tumor is increased swelling in the legs.

Intra-abdominal and extra-abdominal desmoid tumor can affect the bladder or the scrotum and at the initial stage does not manifest itself. The growth can give complications to the ureter, intestine, and nerve or vascular system.

Desmina the tumor in the breast in women is very rare, and usually has similar symptoms to breast cancer.

Diagnosis and treatment

fibroma Dismetou to diagnose the fibroid using ultrasound, magnetic resonance and computed tomography. If necessary, can be assigned to other studies.

Currently, the most effective method of treatment is surgical intervention. However, for those patients who, for one reason or another, is contraindicated, there are other treatments, such as radiation or drug therapy.

Radiation therapy is used both as a primary and in the treatment of relapse. This type of therapy can be both a substantive and applied before or after surgery.

Drug treatment involves the use of antiestrogen and the inhibitor of drugs. For example, if an operation is not possible, prescribe dacarbazine, carboplatin, doxorubicin and ifosfamide.

In cases when the tumor does not cause any complications, asymptomatic and its dimensions do not increase, the treatment is not applied, patients are simply observed specialists.