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Desmoplastic fibroma

Desmoplastic fibroma refers to the primary tumors of the jaw bone. The name of the fibroma were due to the similarity with desmoide – variety of tumors in the connective tissue, which develops from the tendons and structures fasciale-apoheretismos character.

How does it manifest itself?

According to experts of the world health organization most often fibroids are diagnosed in boys aged 3-5 years. It is believed that it also affects persons under the age of 30 years, it rarely occurs in older people and the elderly.
Localized fibroma in a long bone: humerus, femur, tibia, but are more commonly found on the lower and upper jaws.

desmoplasticheskaya fibrom

A characteristic feature of desmoplastic fibroma is a solitary lesion in the same place of the jaw. To grow the tumor begins imperceptibly, without causing the patient pain, so to identify it only if you constantly inspect the mouth (or another part of the body) and in time to notice a small bump.

Just two months its size increase several times and the tumor begins to interfere with the patient to eat. The skin in this period of disease development may become thinner, paler, acquire a bluish tinge. It happens that it becomes hot to the touch, shiny and starts to Shine, becomes a very prominent venous mesh.

At the later stages of tumor like "soldered" with the bone, it becomes elastic and dense. However, if you examine the patient by clicking on the fibroid fingers, the pain he does not feel.

Possible causes

Doctors didn't study the nature of this disease. But some patterns of display still possible.

The patterns that can trigger the appearance of tumors, include:

  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Injury.
  • Hormonal disruptions.
  • Protozoa parasites such as Trichomonas.
  • Diabetes.

As one of the possible reasons for doctors include receiving beta-blockers. Although with a 100% guarantee to call them the cause of fibroids is not.

Attention! Desmoplastic fibroma is characterized by very rapid growth – in just a few weeks the jaw can increase in volume by 5 times! Desmoplastic fibroma of the femur manifests itself in a similar way, the tumor is rapidly growing, and leg increases in volume.

How is it identified?

To determine the diagnosis desmoplastic fibroids necessarily prescribe x-rays or ultrasound. In the picture it looks like a seal (the knot), similar to the rough circle or oval. The seal structure is uniform.

The diagnosis of "fibroid desmoplasia" put under the following tests:

desmoplasticheskaya fibrom

1. On the basis of images (Sochi).

2. Data of the ultrasound examination.

3. During biochemical analysis of blood.

4. In the General analysis of urine.

5. Palpation and visual inspection.

It is important to know! A very important part of your workup fibroma morphological examination when tissue is examined by biopsy. This method is to be used to exclude a malignant nature of tumour formation.

Fibroma or sarcoma

Doctors it is very important to see the difference between fibroids and other tumor malignancy – sarcoma. The differences apply the so-called "differential diagnosis," which is considered doctors quite time consuming and difficult. The difficulty lies in the fact that the fibroma and sarcoma grow with the same speed. However, sarcoma is more common in older children – from 10 to 12 years.

For somefeatured physicians distinguish between fibroma and sarcoma?

1. When desmoplastic fibroma of the lower or upper jaw, the teeth are usually fixed, whereas in Kaposi tooth mobility is maintained.

2. The presence of fibroids does not affect the General condition of the patient, and with cancer can suffer severe pain.

3. When fibroids intoxication is not observed, but the sarcoma its symptoms reveal themselves very quickly.

How to treat fibroids?

There is only one radical method of treatment desmoplastic fibroids surgery. It is performed under local or General anesthesia and in the course of surgery, the surgeons carefully removed a piece of diseased bone together with the tumor. Complications after surgery are not common, although in rare cases, surgeons have to remove the affected bone completely.

desmoplasticheskaya fibrom

Remember! If diagnosed desmoplastic fibroid treatment should be started immediately because the tumour is growing rapidly.


Unfortunately, at present there is no way to completely protect yourself from this unpleasant diagnosis. The only way to diagnose the disease at an early stage, and this time it is recommended to undergo preventive examinations from the doctors.