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Fibroma of the larynx

The larynx is part of respiratory system that includes the vocal cords and a breathing tube.

A benign tumor, which usually occurs in the folds of the vocal cords is a fibroma of the larynx. Such tumors do not form metastases and does not have ulcerations, therefore, spread to other tissues, they can not. Fibroma composed of connective fibres and has the shape of a sphere, is located on a thin stalk or broad base. The tumor may occur under the influence of any factors and for no reason.

Features fibroids

Fibroma is a professional illness of singers, teachers, speakers, because the people in these professions there is a regular and long-term stress in the region of the larynx. This education may be localized in any part of the larynx, but is usually located on the vocal cord, usually at the free edge or on the surface, in the form of a single node. Fibroma has a pink color, but in the presence of a large number of blood vessels it acquires from red to bluish hue.

It can be soft or crisp. A tumor containing fluid and not having a dense structure is converted into a gelatinous edematous polyp. In the event of changes in the structure of connective tissue, the node becomes tight.


The cause of benign host is a strain of the larynx and vocal cords. But besides the basic causes, there are other related reasons:

  • fibroma gortanithe abuse of alcohol causes dryness of the larynx, which increases the risk of the site.
  • heredity;
  • breathing tube in the throat;
  • unfavorable climate;
  • immunosuppression;
  • Smoking causes of krovenapolnenia and thickening of the larynx that becomes the ideal environment for tumors;
  • frequent viral and inflammatory diseases of the throat;
  • harmful place of work (dusty and dirty) – leads to dry;
  • hormonal disorders;

Also there were cases when the fibroma occurred for no reason or was congenital.


The first sign of the appearance of fibroids is the appearance of hoarseness in the voice, and sometimes pain. In addition to the core symptoms are the others:

  • zatrudnennost dyhaniyadifficulty breathing;
  • suffocation;
  • not a cough, sometimes with blood;
  • shortness of breath;
  • the conversation quickly tired vocal cords, causing the voice becomes barely audible;
  • pain in the larynx;
  • may lose voice.

Fibroids can and does not show itself. She may be hiding the vocal folds and is revealed only when you cough or deep breath.


Treatment of fibroids is only operationally. Upon detection the node is removed completely. All actions are performed through the oral cavity, but at larger sizes the deletion is performed through an incision in the neck. After surgery about 3 weeks not to overtax the vocal cords. To confirm the purity of the tumor, the remote fragment sent for a biopsy.

For removing fibroids can use ultrasound, radiation and laser therapy.


To prevent the formation of fibroids you need to protect your throat. In inflammatory diseases of the larynx (tonsillitis, pharyngitis), it is necessary to properly treat it. It is important to give up bad habits – Smoking and drinking alcohol. Also to prevent the doctor can suggest exercises for the vocal cords and airway.