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Fibroma of the breast

Do I need to treat "knots" in your chest? When they are a threat to health and life?
Fibroma of the mammary gland benign neoplasm that develops from connective tissue. Found it by chance or on routine medical examination and requires constant monitoring. The presence of fibroids does not change the quality of life of the patient, but only if the tumor is not growing substantially.


Doctors distinguish two kinds of fibroids – leaf and simple. A simple form is a benign form, it grows slowly and affects other tissues. Much more dangerous phyllodes tumors: they tend to grow very fast and degenerate into a sarcoma.

Fibroma of the breast (another name of the disease – adenoma) is dense elastic bundle, which rolls freely under the skin. It is round or oval and well detectable in the breast. Nodules can be very small – up to 8 mm, and sometimes the tumor grows to 8 cm by palpation by an experienced physician often find several knots. It's called multiple tumor.

Pain or other discomfort fibroids a cause and often, in principle, is not felt. Before menstruation, the Breasts may swell and fill, slightly paralepa when pressed.

The causes of fibroids doctors distinguish:

  • Climax.
  • Adolescence.
  • Failure of the hormonal system.

Attention! Small seals don't usually pose a threat of life for the patient. But it is better not to let the disease take its course and to go to the doctor. Only a specialist is able to make the correct diagnosis and to exclude degeneration of the fibroids in cancerous tumors.

fibroma molochnoj zhelezy

Diagnosis of fibroids:

  • By visual inspection and palpation on reception at the oncologist (breast physician).
  • A study on the ultrasound machine.
  • Method of biopsy tissue.

Drug therapies

The first step to cure fibroids course of medications that should contribute to the resorption of tumors. Treatment fibroids breast cancer medication it lasts from 3 to 6 months, and constantly monitor the results of the ultrasound. Usually mammalogy assign it to the patients at small sizes fibroids. It should be noted that the complete elimination of fibroids it is possible to achieve not often, and only in 5% of cases. More often have to resort to surgery.

How to carry out the operation?

Surgeons removed the tumor in two ways:

1. The enucleation.

2. Sectoral resection.

In the first case, it removes only the tumor tissue, which are removed along with the capsule surrounding the neoplasm. A big plus of the method is that after the enucleation for the patient's breast is almost no scars.

With sector resection can remove several of the sectors of the breast. But such radical surgery is prescribed only when a greater risk of degeneration of a tumor in cancer.

fibroma molochnoj zhelezy

Treatment of folk remedies

Herbalists and naturopaths offer a variety of recipes for the cure of fibroids of the breast. The most popular treatment for fibroids infusions and decoctions, although it is possible to try to make compresses. All the recipes are aimed at the cessation of growth of nodules, and total resorption and are based on herbs and extracts of medicinal plants.

1. Proven themselves in the fight against fibroids calendula flowers. Pour 10 grams of the flowers of vodka (100 grams) or alcohol (10 g), let stand for two to three weeks. Take three times a day before meals. The recipe is not suitable for you, if you have a predisposition to alcoholism.

2. You can use oak bark, pomegranate and branches of viburnum, takenin equal parts (10-20 g). Tablespoon of the mixture pour boiling water, boil in a water bath and let it brew. Strain the finished tincture. Take three times a day on an empty stomach.

3. Very good helps aloe juice, mixed with a decoction of herbs. Aloe leaf blend, and the resulting slurry was let stand in the refrigerator one night. At this time, boil in a water bath decoction of herbs chaga, yarrow, sage, rose hips and Hypericum. It will be good if you cook it in a thermos. Broth also need to infuse one night in a warm place. Mix aloe juice, broth and 200 grams of cognac, let sit a drink a day. To take a well-known scheme: 3 times a day one tablespoon before meals.

4. You can apply the pulp of aloe to your chest and fix compress. Leave it overnight and in the morning rinse with water at room temperature.

fibroma molochnoj zhelezy

Remember: the treatment of the popular methods involves the time, you need to be patient and not to expect quick results. But it's better if folk remedies will assist in the course of traditional therapy fibroids appointed by the oncologist.