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Fibroma on the hand– how dangerous is it?

Fibroids, benign neoplasm caused by proliferation of connective tissue, can appear anywhere, even on the internal organs.

It is very inactive, not in any way perceptible phenomenon. Can be on the human body for years, and often the question of treatment, the deletion occurs only in case when it spoils the appearance or is located in a place where it could hurt, for example if it is rubbed with clothing, shoes.

fibroma na ruke

Also under consideration is the removal, if there is a fibroma on the hand.

Causes of

While doctors can't say for sure why this or that person suddenly grew fibroids. However, several reasons still in the practice revealed:

  • genetic predisposition
  • hormonal disruptions
  • problems of the endocrine system
  • diabetes
  • the abuse of a Solarium
  • trichomoniasis
  • previous soft tissue injury at the site of lesion.

What could be fibroids?

The main types of fibroids is hard and soft. There is a smaller gradation of depth of location and consistency. Distinguish limited fibroids located in the surface layers (often on the leg) and diffuse, is deeper and prone to sprawl.

In the hands of more solid fibroma, her favourite place is the wrist, but also on other parts of your hands often it appears.

On the hands can occur rather specific fibroids, tumor Kenen, which is a sign of systemic disease and begins to manifest itself in adolescence.

Young children may receive fibroma finger, this species may occur even in infancy. Grows slowly after removal can be relapses. Sometimes it is confused with an extra finger, mistaken for a granuloma. Treatment is only surgical.

fibroma na ruke

Sometimes fibroids on finger grow periungual tissues, and can reach considerable size. Painful are very rare, only in case of overgrowth, then they can put pressure on blood vessels or nerve endings.

How do they look?

Soft fibromas have a brown color, sometimes appear in the set, then it is classified as fibromatosis. Tend to occur on soft, delicate areas are small, up to 3 centimeters in size.

Solid often appear on the hands, feet, mucous membranes, have a clear form, color almost indistinguishable from the skin (and therefore in the early stages of their appearance can never notice).

fibroma na ruke

Hands is quite another matter

The hands are the body part that receives the impact of the negative environment:

  • all the unpleasant weather phenomena
  • detergents
  • frequent minor injuries.

Sometimes one of these factors, or all at once, can cause fibroids.
The beginning of its development may not be noticed, it grows very slowly. You can pay attention to the small itching in the area of recent injury or insect bite. But pain will not be soon, only in case of significant dimensions of education. Sometimes there may be a slight redness in the area, where a fibroma, usually on the finger or wrist.
But most notice it when it is already quite large, however, only because the hand suffers.

Whether it is necessary immediately to do something?

The only thing to do is to visit a doctor. This will give confidence that education is not malignant.
The doctor is able to recognize the fibroma of the soft tissues of hands, however, to the absolute exclusion of medical errors can be assigned to a biopsy. Afterconfirmation of the quality of education will be proposed methods of treatment.

Next you need to decide how fibroids! Hands great a risk to expose it to permanent injury, so it is usually removed.

The doctor will prescribe one of the following procedures:

  • excision by traditional surgery
  • removal using laser
  • the radio wave method
  • electric coagulation
  • cryoprocedure (exposure to low temperatures).

If the fibroid is not seen, she doesn't like about ourselves, it can be left in place. Many people live with that education over the years and not even remember it. However, some doctors believe that the presence of tumors, even such a harmless, potentially dangerous, and better to get rid of it. Here, the decision to take the patient, there are people who are appalling the idea of surgery, or may be individual contraindications.

How to prevent fibroids?

Any narrowly focused measures to prevent the emergence of this kind of entities, especially hereditary etiology. However, to reduce the risk of their occurrence, growth and development.

Doctors are some recommendations:

  • a balanced diet that contains the necessary elements
  • ensuring the availability of vitamins in the diet, especially in winter and spring
  • always protect hands from hard impacts, use gloves and protective creams
  • to protect your hands from cold
  • apply nourishing and restoring hand tools.