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Fibroma in a child

Fibroma is a type of benign tumor that arises from connective tissue. It has a clear boundary, flesh or pinkish color. Over time the color may change to red – blue. This disease may be congenital or may occur at any age. Of all cases account for 40 percent child age. In this article we will explain what causes fibroids, we consider the main methods of treatment and will tell about the consequences of this condition.

Causes of disease

At the moment, medicine can't give an exact answer to the question about the appearance of this neoplasm, the most common causes are:

  • fibroma u rebenka Genetic predisposition. If the family the child had relatives with any type of fibroids, the baby may develop this disease.
  • Trauma to the skin. When on the same area of skin, a recurring injury may be even the clothing, there may appear the tumor.
  • A tendency to excessive sweating.
  • Excessive influence of ultraviolet rays.
  • Unbalanced nutrition.
  • Chronic liver disease.
  • A history of windy smallpox, or tuberculosis.
  • Endocrine diseases caused by failure of hormonal background.
  • Susceptibility to hypothermia. If in the cold to walk around without mittens, that is, the risk of fibroids extremities.

Features of baby fibroids

Usually for the formation of fibroids takes time. As a rule, at the beginning of the disease is not detected. 3-4 months after the beginning of education, there is a tumour, hard to the touch, painless and immobile. At this time, fibroma appears as a small nodule that has fairly clear boundaries. If the tumor remains, above the place of localization appears enhanced pigmentation. Sometimes the tumor is in the form of a subcutaneous hematoma that is caused due to injury to small blood vessels.

Fibroids children is just soft, inside which is the intercellular fluid. In patients with benign childhood education is most often localized in: bones, face, head and extremities, the gums. Often fibroids are diagnosed on the temple of a child under 10 years of age. 20% of boys the tumor is in the groin, armpits, buttocks.

The main methods of treatment of fibroids

Treatment of benign tumors is by surgical intervention. If the tumor is not removed completely it will begin to progress again. In children younger than 10 years performed under General anesthesia. Have older removal can be performed under local anesthesia, but only in the case when the tumor is small in size. Surgery to remove fibroids are not considered to be heavy and not have any risks for the future children.

  • fibroma lechenieModern medicine has the ability to produce the removal of the tumor by puncture, that it is through the extraction of the tumor. In this case the child is already a few hours after surgery can go home.
  • You can also make removal by laser excision, which is almost painless. During this procedure is made by cutting fibroids carbon dioxide laser. In this case, local anesthesia is used for children under 10 years of age and older guys generally do without anesthesia.
  • Another widely used technique is a focused impact on the cancer with radio waves.
  • Fibroma of bone can be removed by the method of steroid injections, without surgical intervention. This method is based onthe ability of these injections to reduce the level of prostaglandin.

Important! Not need to make their own treatment of uterine fibroids, using the people's money, because the child can be allergic reactions and worsen his condition.

The consequences

Fibroma of a child is not an aggressive manifestation of the tumor, which is not always in need of radical methods of solving problems, early treatment is required only in case of danger to the life of the organism. If over time the tumor reaches considerable size, there is a risk of pressure on the skull, thereby causing its deformation, swelling, the appearance of pain syndrome. The growths on the bones can cause the deformation of the structures of the bones and frequent fractures. Fibroma of the face lead to cosmetic defects, and inflammatory diseases. This species tumors often causes damage blood vessels and nerve endings.

Fibroma in children is not a dangerous condition, which perfectly cured, sometimes not even leaving behind scars. Doctor's consultation and regular inspections will help to avoid negative consequences for the child's life.