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Soft fibroma: how to eliminate the tumor

Fibroma it is a benign tumor of tumor nature, which is composed of connective and fibrous tissues. It occurs due to the uncontrolled division and growth of cells. It strikes as the thickness of the dermis, and the upper epidermal layer of the skin. The location of the education can be anything: from the upper and lower extremities.

Education is most often diagnosed in older people. It affects children much less frequently. Fibropapilloma may appear on the body in the form of hard and soft formations. The soft fibroma is most often called a fibroid on a stalk.

Why it forms a soft fibroma?

Medicine still can not give an exact answer to this question. The fact that the exact etiology of tumors is not yet traced.

As shown, most often in the risk group for the occurrence of fibroids are people who:

  • have a genetic predisposition to formation of tumors;
  • fall in a certain age range;
  • are hormonal disorders in the body during pregnancy, menopause;
  • suffer from endocrine diseases (diabetes and acromegaly);
  • subject to frequent inflammatory processes on the skin.

myagkaya fibroma

With the appearance of a soft fibroma symptoms, including the growth of the education may increase. These processes have an impact:

  • injury of the skin clothing and other impacts in a systematic manner;
  • sweating;
  • the increase in UV exposure to the skin;
  • severe hypothermia;
  • violation of diet;
  • the improper functioning of the liver;
  • some types of diseases (varicella, tuberculosis).

Despite the fact that the causes are not fully understood, predisposing factors can affect the occurrence of soft fibroma of the skin. Therefore, it is important to know how to distinguish education from other tumors.

Soft fibroma: a clinical picture

The soft fibroma is a fibrous connective tissue. In education, there are inclusions of adipose tissue. The properties of these structures make it loose and mobile.

myagkaya fibromaIf you look carefully on a soft fibroma, we can note its similarity to a small pouch, whose surface is wrinkled. It rises above the skin, like being located on the leg. The surface of the thin growths, and in the Central and peripheral parts are growths of small size. Itself the soft fibroma may grow up to 3-10 mm.

Fibroids can be a different color. Most often it varies from Nude to brown. Among the places of their localization are:

  • the anterior surface of the neck;
  • the inner folds of the arms and legs;
  • armpits;
  • the area under the Breasts;
  • inguinal folds

If the fibroid is in the form of drops that it most often affects the skin behind the ears, on the eyelids.

The tumor is usually brings pain. It can be disturbed only if exposed to. In friction, the injury may appear mild pain.

Most tumor-prone older women and people who have problems with excess weight.

How to diagnose the tumor?

To identify soft fibroma usually does not require any special skills or additional equipment. The tumor is easily detected on the surface of the skin, differs from it in structure and color. However, for completeness of the clinical picture and differentiating it from other entities required histology soft fibroma.

The study is carried out only after the removal ofneoplasms. Histology described the nature and composition of the tumor, which differs in properties from:

  • lipoma;
  • hygroma;
  • atheroma.

First of all, the different cellular structure of the tumor. In the composition of the fibroids must be present:

  • connective tissue fiber;
  • a large number of vessels;
  • swelling focal character;
  • in some cases, infiltrates of inflammation of varying degrees.

Treatment of tumors

Soft fibroma does not provide for conservative treatment. If it interferes with the usual activity of the person (injured, hurt when shaving, dressing), and brings discomfort due to cosmetic defects on the skin, then get rid of it it is possible only surgically. Among the indications for removal of tumors isolated and that the fibroid may begin to grow at a constant impact on her.

Soft fibroma is removed in a clinic. During the operation, using local anesthesia. Intervention can be carried out:

  • with a scalpel, when the fibroid excised;
  • electrocoagulation in which a tumor is eliminated with high frequency current;
  • in the course of removing the radio wave;
  • with the help of laser.

Often in medicine, the use of radio wave and laser techniques for removal of fibroids. This is because in such types of surgery the patient is not losing blood. The result of such exposure, along with the incision is sealing of blood vessels. Also radio waves and rays sterilize the skin surface of the skin.

Rehabilitation takes much less time than when using other methods. On the skin's surface is practically not observed the appearance of scars.

Also remove the fibroid using cryoablation. Envelop the tumor with liquid nitrogen. If operation is not possible, then directly into the tumor conducting a course of injections of corticosteroids.

The soft fibroma may be a little uncomfortable in person. However, after the removal of the problems can be forgotten. Indeed, in most cases, when radio-wave and laser treatment of relapse in soft fibromas are not observed.