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Dangerous ovarian fibroma?

Fibroma of the ovary is called a benign neoplasm, consisting of connective tissue. The distinctive features of these diseases is the fact that the tumor does not produce hormones spetsificheskie. Also, there are no additional chambers in which fluid may accumulate.

Statistics show that ovarian fibroma is rare. Most often this disease affects young women.

fibroma yaichnikaBecause of the development of degeneration of the tumor may grow faster. If nothing is done, there may be consequences, life-threatening, which include:

  • torsion legs education;
  • excessive bleeding;
  • sepsis;
  • malignancy.

Please note! Fibroma of the ovary does not grow to large sizes, so are not disturbed reproductive function of women. Thus, it is possible to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby.

Why do I get fibroids?

To date, no exact cause of the formation of fibroma of the ovary. The risk of such a disease in women susceptible to adverse backgrounds, including those with endocrine disorders. Fibroid can be formed by reducing the immune defense system and cause chronic inflammation of the ovaries and appendages. Often satellites are fibroids ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids. These diseases according to the etiology of the development of similar.

Clinical symptoms

Usually the symptoms of fibroma of the ovary is not apparent immediately. If the size of the formation is small, the ovary will function normally for a long time.

When the tumor growth to a certain size can be felt by pressure on other organs of the pelvis. After a while there is anemia, ascites, bloating, pain, fatigue, tachycardia, shortness of breath and General weakness.

Attention! If there are symptoms characteristic of a fibroma of the ovary, it is imperative to consult a gynecologist.

Sometimes fibroids can be accompanied by polyserositis and cachexia. Basically the symptoms of the disease and its severity depend on how much compressed fluid adjacent organs.

If there is hemorrhage or necrosis in education, it can be seen by the irritation of the peritoneum.

Usually when fibroids are not disturbed menstrual cycle. The exceptions are those cases, when there are other diseases of the genital organs.

Methods for the detection of fibroids

For a long time the fibroids may be asymptomatic. It is often detected by accident, when diagnosing another disease. Accurate diagnosis can be made if:

  • there are appropriate symptoms;
  • a woman came to the reception to the gynecologist;
  • the study, which is determined by the position of the tumor, its structure, density, mobility and consistency.

Please note! The structure of the surface can be smooth or knobby. When probing can bring pain.

Mandatory need to pass a General analysis of blood and tumor markers. For further diagnosis is required to undergo an ultrasound, the results of which determined the shape of the tumor and its parameters. Also it is possible to diagnose a fibroma of the left ovary or right. Not dramatically doctor orders a pleural puncture for research material.

To definitively diagnose ovarian fibroma, can not do without studies education after removing it. It is checked by diagnostic laparoscopy.

Methods of treatment

As mentioned above, fibroids can be accompanied with the presence of ovarian cysts. In such cases, medication is not effective, so I propose to remove the tumor expeditious way. The progress of the operation will depend on the size of the fibroids. Also take into account the agewomen, the state of her uterus, a healthy ovary and other internal organs.

Fibroids small size, the young woman removed laparoscopically, while the generative and menstrual function. Older women recommended operative treatment of fibroma of the ovary with removal of the appendages. When bilateral lesions of the ovaries, the doctors are trying to save at least part of one.

Forecasts and preventive measures

Most often, the prognosis is favorable as according to statistics only 1% of cases this tumor turns into malignant. Upon completion of a course of rehabilitation therapy a woman may plan conception.

The special preventive measures of this disease not. To locate the fibroid at an early stage of its development, doctors recommend to undergo ultrasound examination of small pelvis organs at least once a year. Regularly should go for a visit to the gynecologist.