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Why fibroids appears on the face, treatment and prevention

Often on the human body appears ugly education, which causes discomfort and interferes with normal life. Especially if this place face.

What is a fibroma?

Most people don't know what a fibroma, however, has repeatedly seen such entities from friends, relatives and friends.

Fibroids are called benign growths that are round or irregular in shape, composed of fibroblasts and connective tissue fibers. Formed education in the mid-dermis or at the epidermal surface. Such formations may appear on any area of skin, even into internal organs and sinewy tissue.

Color fibroids can vary, from Nude to brown. This factor depends on what cells is education. Fibroids does not hurt and grows very slowly.

Important! Benign neoplasm can appear at any age. The most frequent cases arise in the elderly.

Causes of

Causes of fibroma on the face there are many. Every scientist puts forward his version, but the evidence is still lacking. However, there are several basic:

  • fibroma na lice heredity;
  • hormonal failure;
  • aging of the skin;
  • post-traumatic effect which you may receive education in the mouth, while biting the inside of your cheek;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy;
  • stomach problems;
  • improper nutrition and overweight;
  • severe sweating.

There are cases when the child is born with education!

Types of fibroids and the main symptoms

Fibroma on the face is of two types: soft and hard. First, in most cases, multiple and localized mainly on the eyelids. Color fibroids vary from person to person, from skin to dark brown. Size ranges from 0.3 to 1 cm in Most cases this fibroid can be observed in women at a Mature age.

Hard fibroma in most cases, a single localized on any part of the human body. The consistency is solid, color can be solid or slightly pink. May have a thin stalk or a wide base. Size education a little more than a soft shape and ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 cm.

The most obvious sign of the disease is the appearance of the outgrowth of a small size. Education can be both hard and soft, different shapes. 80% of the disease occurs without any symptoms. In rare cases, fibroids sick, change color, size and cause severe itching.

Important! Fibroma has a convex shape, so you need to be very careful not to injure her. This can lead to bleeding or irritation.

Diagnosis and treatment education

Mostly diagnosis is by palpating by visual inspection. Histological examination is assigned rarely and only when there is a suspicion of malignancy.

Modern medicine offers many new methods of removing fibroids, among which are:

  • electrocoagulation
  • laser removal
  • radiowave coagulation
  • removal using liquid nitrogen
  • freezing
  • surgical excision

After any method of removal of fibroids tissue are taken for histological examination.

Tips national guide

Traditional medicines help to reduce fibroids in size.

A decoction of St. John's wort

To be taken daily three times after meals. Preparation method: pour boiling water (Cup) one tablespoon of herb, infuse for 10 minutes.

The juice from the potatoes

Budget and effective tool that can reduce the formation. From one potato to squeeze out the juice and with a cotton swab several times a day to lubricate the fibroid.


Combine pleasant with useful: you can drink the tea from the forest zemlyanichka three times a day for several months. The drink can be made from dried or frozen berries.

Yeast poultice

A fibroid with a thick layer of applying ordinary yeast. Hold for about 10 minutes.

Important! In any case, no need to tear education!

Preventive measures do not exist, but there is one rule – to keep the fibroid from injury!