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Chondromyxoid fibroma – a dangerous tumor?

Cartilage prone to development of tumours. A benign tumor is chondromyxoid fibroma. It is considered an uncommon form of tumors. Fibroids can occur both in childhood and old age. The disease affects men more often than women.

Causes of neoplasms

The disease can occur as a result of external impact of various factors on the body. Also on her education can influence the internal processes in the body.

The main reasons for the formation of fibroids are:

  • the increase in background radiation;
  • operating exposure;
  • the effects of toxins chemical origin for a long time;
  • injury to the bones;
  • the occurrence of inflammation in body systems.

Symptoms of the disease

In 80% of cases as a result of fibroids there is a loss of the long bones of various departments. The most affected ones are:

  • hondromiksoidnaya fibromashoulder;
  • elbow;
  • femoral.

Among thighs most susceptible to the formation of tumors are big and small tibia bone. Also occurs defeat of the radius. Often, the appearance of the fibroid noted in the knee joint. Chondromyxoid damage can occur in the feet and hands (small bones).

Manifestation of symptoms depends on the age of the patient. With the development of childhood tumours, the swiftness of the process, as well as bright the severity of symptoms. Appear painful symptoms, limitation of physical activity, the occurrence of muscle atrophy and the increase in temperature in the affected area.

The formation of tumors in adults is characterized by gradual development. Sometimes symptoms are not apparent or nonexistent. The characteristic manifestation is only pain. It can be expressed in mild or intense degree. When driving the pain may worsen. In this case, the affected joint loses its mobility.

If you encounter chondromyxoid fibroids may be a violation of the functioning of the muscles adjacent to the affected area of the bodies.

Methods of diagnosis of the disease

In identifying chondromyxoid fibroids used various methods of instrumental diagnostics.

One of the most common methods is radiography. The survey revealed foci of destruction, which has a size of about 5 cm in length. Sometimes the area reaches 8 cm Tumor was noted in metafizare area, extending to the epiphysis. Education has a clear scalloped shape.

Lose can surround sclerotic rim. Also often the appearance of trabecular pattern, known as inclusions. Observed inflation and islinenote cortical layer above the fireplace.

When subperiostal location are the appearance of usuali cortical layer. The tumor may go beyond the boundaries of bones. Parietalna reaction is not observed. If the formation of a tumor localized to the spinal region, it may be the germination of the periosteum.

Benign fibroma should be diagnosed with chondrosarcoma. When conducting macroscopic studies after the biopsy tissue sections appear in the form of the lobed formation of dense structure, which is characterized by a bluish gray or gray-white hue.

Treatment fibroids

hondromiksoidnaya fibromaChondromyxoid fibroids treated only surgically. Surgery takes place in the Oncology clinic or ward. To reduce the risk of relapse, a regional resection of the tumor. Operationincludes plasty of the defect of auto - or allograft.

Sometimes if you experience chondromyxoid fibroids surgery curettage. In this case, the tumor is removed by using a curette, a tool of the surgeon, which is shaped like a spoon. But in most cases this operation is not carried out because of the risk of abandonment of the modified tumor cells and recurrence of fibroids after the surgery.

On the transition of benign tumors in cancer education can be said clearly. This is due to the rarity of the tumor, which is not able to track its development. The forecasts in the formation of chondromyxoid fibroids are comforting. Most importantly in this case – time to diagnose and remove the tumor.