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Carcinoma of the ovary: how to resist disease?

One of the worst diseases known to modern medicine, it is reasonable to consider cancer. Asymptomatic onset of the disease, painful for her in the later stages, time-consuming treatment, which is fighting the tumor, destroying the rest of the body is only half the story. The worst is that after all these tests, there may occur a secondary tumor foci. Especially sad when such a disease affects female sexual organs, bringing in a woman's life fear and uncertainty as among female cancer disease ovarian cancer is the leading mortality of patients.

Types of ovarian tumors

One of the bodies which are localized in different tumors are ovaries. There are types of tumors:

opuholi yaichnikov Benign, affecting only the body, not beyond the boundaries of the ovaries do not grow into other organs of the peritoneum and not metastasise, characterized by slow growth:

  • Stromal that grow among the cells responsible for hormone production.
  • Germ cell, affecting the cells that form eggs.
  • Epithelial – the most innocuous covering on the outside. These include cystadenoma.

Tumors, malignant potential is quite low, which may go beyond the body, but do not germinate in the layer of the abdomen, grow slowly.

Neoplasms of malignant character:

  • 3.1. Different types of ovarian cancer – the most dangerous tumors that arise in epithelial cells that body in the development process affect the prostate fully.
  • 3.2. Dysgerminoma and teratoma that develop from embryonic cells, grow slowly and rarely metastasize.
  • 3.3. Stromal tumor that affects the layer of smooth muscle and neural cells lining the organ, the disease cancer is very rare.

Features of ovarian cancer

The vast majority of ovarian cancer accounted for the proportion of adenocarcinoma of the ovary. This cancer develops in the epithelium of the organ. Depending on wusutu secreted by cancer cells, there are several different types, the most common of which is serous carcinoma of the ovary, affecting the epithelial cells lining the inner surface of the organs that fill the abdominal cavity.

 rak yaichnikovThe reasons for its development no one knows for sure, but, presumably, the risk factors are the following:

  • Benign tumors body cysts, which may degenerate into malignant.
  • Cancer of the cervix.
  • Cancer of the breast.
  • Infertility and lack of delivery.
  • Inflammatory processes of genital organs of hronicheskaya.
  • Early menopause.
  • Hereditary factors.
  • The contraceptive of oral contraceptives.


boli v nizhnej chasti zhivotaUnfortunately, in the early stages, the disease develops almost imperceptibly for the patient. The main symptoms of ovarian cancer appear in a later period and have the following features:

  • Frequent urination and obstructed flow of urine, accompanied by its stagnation.
  • The growth of the abdomen without objective reasons on the background of General decrease of weight.
  • Nagging pain in the lower abdomen.
  • Irregular menstruation.
  • Spotting in between menstrual periods.

Diagnosis and treatment

As half of the successful treatment of the disease is its early diagnosis, it is particularly importance of regular gynaecological examinations. If you suspect a tumor patient donates blood for the presence of a protein that is a markerthe presence of a lesion. You also need to make the fence a certain amount of fluid from the peritoneum to check for the presence of degenerated cells.

It is advisable to make also endovaginal ultrasound and MRI of the organs of the peritoneum. However, the most effective analysis for the identification of cancer – a biopsy is not recommended because, in the case of cancer, the ovary, in which integrity is violated, the cancer cells can start to grow much faster, which will lead to irreversible consequence of metastasis.

In identifying the tumor at an early stage, it is necessary to surgically remove the ovary. In the future, you may need to remove the uterus. Subsequently, the patient shows chemotherapy and regular check of their health.