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The suspicion of melanoma: what to do in the face of danger?

Did You ever feel the impending trouble? When like and feel like normally, but still have a depressing feeling that you have something sick. Certainly happened!

In such moments it is important not to miss the right moment and not to give up on myself, but rather to pay close attention to their health. Some, even, the most minor background may indicate something serious.

And so today we are going to talk about the suspected melanoma, respectively, to closely consider we'll be moles, blemishes and nevi. All these skin lesions can only be harmless to emphasize Your individuality, but can kill.

Features of melanoma

melanomaAll moles are initially congenital or acquired benign tumors. Their dark brown color due to the fact that melanocyte cells that comprise the tumor, produce the pigment melanin. Melanin actually plays in our lives an important role, as it determines the color of human skin and thus protect from harmful sun rays.

But melanomas can be either benign or malignant neoplasm. Moreover, a normal mole may one day become malignant. This insidious variety of malignant diseases, as it can be a long time not to notice, and then just die, because today, unfortunately, there is no method of treatment that guarantees full recovery of the person diagnosed with melanoma at a late stage.

Pay attention to the symptoms!

zudRemember these symptoms so early in the development of the disease immediately go to the hospital:

  • tumors characteristic black color;
  • the increase in the size of birthmarks;
  • seal birthmark;
  • itching;
  • the wet spots;
  • blood exuding from the skin pigmented lesions.

Follow up actions

So, how to identify melanoma, You almost understood, but what to do next. It is natural to verify the accuracy of their judgments. For this histological study of education. No, don't worry yourself anything You do not have to, except to go to the nearest dermatology and consult a specialist.

If Your fears are not vain, the first thing offered to surgically produce excision of malignant melanoma. If the localization of the tumor is extensive, the pre-assigned ionizing radiation and drugs that destroy the tumor. The surgery is performed under General anesthesia.

And as always, it is better to be on guard his health than to fight sickness. So people, which doctors attributed to the risk group, must regularly come to the reception to experts and to control all pigment spots, moles and nevi.