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The consequences of melanoma

Melanoma or skin cancer is an insidious disease. It is considered one of the most rapidly growing malignant tumors, in fact, she early starts to metastasize. For example, if a small melanoma about the size of a cherry can be metastases of a walnut in many internal organs. The tumor formed from the cells of melanocytes and represents the dark spots, dark brown or black, the germ of which may be congenital nevi moles. The consequences of this melanoma metastases in the internal organs, which may occur throughout the body.

When should be afraid of melanoma?

Not every mole turns into malignant tumor. However, can be potentially dangerous to any of them, that's why any change or damage moles should not be ignored.

melanomaSigns of trouble:

  • The shape changes, color or size of moles,
  • The increase in the number of moles
  • Inflammation around the mole,
  • The appearance of pain in this area
  • Bleeding or weeping surface
  • Large size moles (7 cm).

Also pay attention to the "behavior" of the lymph nodes. If they increased, then be sure to see a doctor, it could be a result of the cancer process.

If detected some sign of trouble, you should consult a dermatologist. He will make the decision on the need for further surveys. Typically, a person with a large nevus or their abundance even under favorable conditions is considered to be the reason for the monitoring and periodic inspections by a dermatologist or even an oncologist.

The risk of melanoma

How dangerous is melanoma? Primarily for its ability to actively spread almost all over the body. It is very early and quickly metastasizes, namely metastases represent a major threat to the health and life of the patient.

This complication of melanoma, as the formation of secondary tumours occurs in almost all cases, the presence of primary neoplasm. Ways of metastasis of this cancer, and lymphogenous, hematogenous, therefore, the formation of metastases occurs rapidly and universally. Most often, the metastases formed in the lungs, the liver, the brain, the formation of tumor nodules on the whole surface of the skin of the trunk or limbs.

The prognosis of melanoma

As with any cancer, with melanoma the prognosis and possible consequences depend on the stage at which it was diagnosed. The sooner treatment begins, the better. Also important is the location of the tumor. With melanoma in the mucous membranes of the forecast in most cases disappointing. A special role in the development of the disease and its consequences is the degree of invasiveness of the different layers of the skin. The deeper the tumor invades the skin, the harder it is to cope with it and the more the body reacts.

melanomaIn the early stages of treatment is mainly medication. For later use of surgical methods, when the main tumor is removed with the capture of the surrounding tissues. To combat the metastases use of chemotherapy.

Indicators 5-year survival rate when melanoma if treatment is started at the first stage, is 90%, fourth 10%. Patients with metastatic disease often die before reaching 12 months after diagnosis.

Metastasis in melanoma can be of different nature. There are known cases of devolution of secondary tumors, but most often they develop in cycles.

The risk of melanoma is of concern to oncologists. They suggest everyone to take all possible measures for prevention of this disease. The main recommendation sun protection, as it was histhe impact often runs malignant processes in the skin. It is not necessary to strive for a long stay in the sun, especially in hot countries. You need to protect your skin from UV exposure with clothes and special creams. You also need to monitor changes in moles or pigment spots.