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Prevention of melanoma

prebyvat pod solnechnymi luchamiSkin cancer is a serious problem of the modern world. Melanoma, or a tumor having a malignant nature of the origin, is called pigment-cells, which are characterized by intense color and capable of producing melanin. This is the most dangerous form of cancer. The probability that a normal mole under the influence of some factors will be reborn into a malignant tumor, is very high.

At risk:

  • people who because of some conditions for a long time must remain under the solar rays;
  • people whose relatives are diagnosed with melanoma;
  • women who long to make hormones;
  • people, traumatized nevi;
  • people whose moles in diameter more than 1.5 centimeters;
  • people on the body which more than fifty moles and age spots.

Given the fact that melanoma is the cause of most deaths, preventive measures to prevent the development of these neoplasms are of great importance.

Factors influencing the development of melanoma

Most often the most common causes of skin cancer are mechanical injury, especially if nevi bleed or become inflamed. The influence of chemical factors, that is, continuous contact of human skin with any kind of dyes. Cancer can develop due to high levels of radiation and electromagnetic radiation. Not last place is occupied by disruptions in the hormonal system of the person. Also the development of the disease can be triggered by the sun. And people with light skin is susceptible to the disease much stronger than dark.

10 methods of preventing skin cancer

Prevention of melanoma is significantly helps to lower the risk of skin cancer.

  • To avoid UV radiation. One of the best methods to reduce the risk of developing.
  • nosit golovnye ubory To wear hats. Caps, baseball caps and straw hats to protect the skin of man is much worse than a hat with a wide brim, is made of thick material, because it protects the skin on the forehead, the ears, nose and partially his neck.
  • To wear sunglasses. Sunglasses with a high degree of protection from the sun's rays protect eyes and the surrounding skin, that is forever.
  • Wear clothes that cover large areas of skin. Of course the best option is to wear long-sleeve shirts and trousers. The color of the clothes, the darker, the more it protects. Thanks to the innovative technologies now have created a material that is very well protects from the sun's rays.
  • Applied to the skin protective cosmetic products. Funds from sun protection and lip balm is recommended to use even highly qualified experts of medical institutions.
  • To stay in the shade. During higher solar activity should stay in the shadows. Remember that sun rays penetrate through light clouds.
  • Not to visit the Solarium. No wonder dermatologists around the world do not recommend to stay under tanning lamps.
  • To get vitamin D from food. This essential vitamin is best to consume with food and food supplements and multivitamins.
  • To remove moles and watch the nevi. People with lots of moles on the body should regularly visit the dermatology office, and if need be, and to remove education.
  • Undergo genetic testing. Genetic predisposition can cause the development of melanoma. So get tested and reveal their predisposition.