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Metastases in sarcoma of the uterus – is not a sentence

sarkoma matkiFor a person to know that he has been diagnosed with cancer is a trying ordeal. First, the frightening mystery of this ailment, because for a long time, scientists unsuccessfully tried to explain clear reasons for its occurrence and development mechanism. Second, the appalling treatment methods with severe contraindications, because patients often seek treatment at late stages of the disease, because early stages of the disease, in most cases, asymptomatic.

What can I say, if this illness is aggravated by this complication, as the formation of metastases degenerated cells break away from primary tumour and pose a threat to the formation of secondary cancer to other organs?

Especially hard it is for women to hear the diagnosis of metastases in the uterus, since in this situation the disease affects the most important female organs.

Sarcoma of the uterus: risk factors

Sarcoma of uterus malignant neoplasm that affects the middle-aged women, is diagnosed often in the later stages due to unexpressed symptoms. Among the factors contributing to its occurrence can be identified such:

  • sarkoma matkiHormonal disorders and provoked by them fibroids.
  • Birth injuries of the body of the uterus and its cervix, or damage obtained during surgical abortions and other surgical interventions.
  • The occurrence of polyps in the lining of the organ.
  • The influence of unfavourable environmental factors.
  • Work in hazardous industries.
  • The sharp increase in estrogen levels as a consequence of hormonal imbalance or late menopause.
  • Heredity.

Features of the metastasis of a sarcoma

Depending on the kind of woman struck sarcoma, and distinguish the features of metastasis.

There are the following types of sarcomas:

  • Sarcoma of the uterine cervix arising from polyps or fibroids, metastasizes to lungs.
  • Sarcoma of the uterus, appearing in the smooth muscles of the walls of the body or its outer side, contributes to the spread of metastases in the ovaries, lumbar lymph nodes and subsequently into the lungs, especially the left, liver and pelvis.
  • Stromal sarcoma of the uterus arising on the mucosa of the body, is characterized by extreme aggressiveness. Metastases can spread through the blood vessels even in the distant organs.

Due to the aggressive nature of this cancer, metastases in cancer of the uterus appear almost in its early stages. A few slower process of occurrence of metastasis in the tumor lesion of the uterus.

The treatment of the disease

Since the process of metastasis in sarcoma of the uterus is very intensive and quite unpredictable, and the probability of a favorable outcome of treatment in case of metastasis is minimal, the optimal treatment upon detection of this cancer is removal of the uterus with appendages. In addition, due to their multiplicity, and because of the randomness of secondary tumor foci, in the case of occurrence of metastasis, expect a full deliverance from sickness is unlikely, and the doctors are trying as much as possible to improve the quality of life of the patient, removing pain and prolong life.