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Bone metastasis can be treated

Under the tumor understand excess, relatively independent of the body, the expansion of the cells beyond the normal limits in volume or composition. The nature of sprawl and show properties in medical practice they are divided into malignant and benign. Malignant tumors are created by uncontrolled growth and reproduction of cells with altered qualities and structure. They are characterized by:

  • germination in the neighboring healthy tissues, often with destruction of them;
  • frequent ulceration;
  • drastic violation of the General condition of the body;
  • the formation of metastases.

The leading sign of their aggressiveness. Such a tumor constantly captures new nearby space, destroying mastered the fabric. Deleting it is able to be formed again at the same place, and its metastases, as tentacles, can penetrate into the neighboring area. Under understand throwing metastasis separate tumor cells from the blood stream or lymph to other organs with the subsequent development of them at the new location of the secondary tumor, a fabric which is similar in composition and qualities gave rise to them. Grown so and native cells of the substances of the body are completely atypical, in the structure and properties. Tumors characterized as autonomy: they continue growing even in case of total destruction of the fabric where you grew up.

Bone metastasis duplicate of the original fabric

In the bone tumor tissues can form both benign and malignant. Formed in them are metastases from tumors of any organ are always malignant. Unfortunately, the symptoms of metastasis in the bones is ambiguous. They often make themselves felt pain, and sometimes through the seal palpated. But the child or the young people most often such pain associated with injury or hypothermia. Thus, early diagnosis is difficult.

Neoplasms in the skeletal tissue may consist of fibrous, and cartilaginous or bony substance when choosing a method of treatment of this factor is taken into account in the first place. So for professionals it is important to establish an accurate diagnosis, which is necessary to collect a full range of aggregate indicators:

  • analyses of clinical examinations;
  • the radiograph;
  • visual inspection;
  • the results of samples histological studies.

This approach will yield a diagnosis 100% accuracy. On the basis of the question of the advisability of amputation and adjusting to the patient's prognosis, the choice of adequate measures for treatment.

vizualnyj osmotrMetastases skeletal bones belong to the group of secondary tumors, consisting generally of epithelial cells (carcinomatosis). These cellular education are trying to repeat the form and substance of those organs, from which they came (intestines, lungs, uterus, mammary glands, etc.). Reaching the blood and lymph bone formations, they form in the capillaries – the most narrow places blood ways small-sized blood clots. As the game progresses, the bone metastases to destroy its structure, often leading to fractures that can serve as a pretext for the assumption of their presence.

A foregone conclusion that the lesion of bone tissue a malignant tumor will lead to a hopeless situation can not. Of course, there are currently few effective treatments for metastatic tumors, but early diagnosis and appropriate therapy gives a chance even for a full recovery. Discovered metastases in my ribs, sternum, shoulder blades, spine is not a reason for despair. Treatment of detected tumors by different methods: medical, surgical, radiological and chemotherapy can reduce the pain and raise the General tone of the body and to instillconfidence in the patient in positive forecast.

The destruction of tumors is complicated and long

After establishing the location of the primary tumor and its tentacles developed a General scheme of influence on them. Treatment of metastases in the bones and generating their source is carried out by the following methods:

  • removal of the affected area of bone and replacing it with metal or acrylic prosthesis of similar shape and subject to availability Supplement of bone tissue by transplantation;
  • in the case of destruction of malignant tumor and surrounding tissue, is the immediate amputation of a limb to prevent its progression;
  • you should resort to using gamma rays as the fundamental method of treatment or in combination with surgery to slow the growth of or kill cancer cells.

These two methods can be supplemented with medicaments from the group of cytostatics. The basic principle of all therapeutic procedures is to destroy the metabolism, is responsible for the reproduction and development of cells of malignant tumors, which leads to a lockup of unrestrained growth of this substantial mass. 90% of all bone tumors have in the age to 50 years. Patients with such diseases are treated for a long period of time due to the complexity of all methods in specialized medical centers. In addition, often after surgery, then temporary or permanent disabilities.