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Can disappear metastases?

medicinaIn my opinion, problems of modern medicine is that experts have learned to identify the symptoms of the disease, and sometimes even successfully cope with illness, but to understand what is occurring or that terrible disease to find out significantly still fails even the luminaries of world medicine.

Such unidentified hvoroba true cancer. And one can argue endlessly about the causes of its occurrence in the human body, but sometimes the patient simply do not have enough time to wait, it allows the medical discussion, because the malignancy begins to expand its borders and because of the ability of metastases to spread over large areas.

In this regard, can not but raise the question: can disappear metastases? Can these malicious processes to stop in the body and give the person a chance at life? This is what we discuss in our article.

What are metastases?

Metastasis is a secondary focus of the growth of any malignant neoplasm. In other words, metastasis is the nodes of a tumor, which spread to nearby organs.

Unfortunately, metastases develop almost immediately after the appearance of tumor-like formations of malignant nature. The process is as follows, cells that detach from the primary tumor, enter the lymphatic or blood vessels, can be transferred to the lymph or blood current, after which go on a new place and grow, forming a tumor nodule.

The cause of and stage of metastases

stadii metastazovIn order to know how to remove the metastases should know the mechanism of their formation. Cells from the tumor will in any case be separated. The immune system of the patient for a long time can protect the body from accelerated growth of tumor cells. And even when cells spread through the body, they can some time are in a passive state.

However, when the cells in the tumor secondary node grow, they provoke its accelerated growth as well as stimulate the formation of capillary and vascular meshes around, which means they lack nutrients.

Metastasis is a series of stages that differ in their effect on the patient's body and a varying degree of threat to human life. Stages of metastasis is considered to be the process by which tumor cells move, penetrate into blood vessels, after which the cage is attached to the adjacent body forming a metastatic node.

The symptoms of metastases and possible diagnosis?

Any specific symptoms in cancer of any organ or system is not observed. The resulting discomfort is directly dependent on localization of a malignant tumor.

toshnotaAmong the common symptoms are:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • lack of appetite;
  • thirst;
  • fatigue;
  • weight reduction.

If to speak about the particular affected areas, it is a symptom of a brain tumor is an unbearable headache and cramps, metastases, trapped in bone cause pain throughout the body, and cause frequent fractures, lung cancer leads to labored breathing, coughing, bloody discharge in the sputum.

The collapse of metastases causes intoxication of the whole organism, as, hence, tumor cells secrete large amounts of toxic substances.

To make the diagnosis of metastases is extremely difficult in some cases. It also happens that metastases are detected earlier than the primary tumor. Only a comprehensive survey allow to make correct conclusions andto establish the correct diagnosis.

rentgenologicheskie issledovaniyaWhen the diagnosis is used:

  • x-ray examination;
  • radioisotope study;
  • cytological studies;
  • ultrasound examination;
  • CT;
  • MRI;
  • positron emission tomography.

What determines success?

A favorable outcome depends on the competence of the attending physician, accurate and timely diagnosis and adequate and comprehensive treatment.

Due to chemotherapy may suppress the growth of tumor cells. Its main goal is the suppression of growth of malignant cells. Chemotherapy kills the Mets but sometimes it is not able in any way to influence them. That is why oncologists advise to approach the problem comprehensively.

In conclusion we can say that the metastases can disappear only with timely detection and competent treatment.