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Myths about cancer

Many people are afraid of cancer. Very often this is simply from a lack of knowledge. Our knowledge about cancer is largely based on myths that often distort the perception of cancer.

The first myth: the number of cancer patients increased

It is not so. Increased the number standing on the account of cancer patients. This happened due to the radical improvement of diagnosis. That is, cancer patients just have more and earlier, so I changed the statistics.

The second myth: it is impossible to diagnose cancer in early stages

vrachTo diagnose-it is possible. The problem is that the person before this diagnosis was reached. Today, many regional centers have equipment that will detect the tumor size of 1 mm. Ordinary people, first, do not have information about such devices, and secondly, not to apply to these institutions, or ignore the procedure of health examination and preventive inspection. Namely, these events are suspicious and send a person to further examination.

The third myth: a diagnosis of cancer is expensive and little available

Of course, examination on the modern equipment are not cheap, but it is many times cheaper than treating advanced forms of cancer. If you suspect or high-risk it is worth considering, for example, to buy another gadget, or to pass the examination.

Myth four: qualitative diagnosis of cancer only abroad

Every year Russian medicine is evolving and many things today, had a couple of years ago to go to Europe or Israel, is in our medical centers and clinics. Many specialists trained at the world's leading scientists, went back to work in their own clinics.