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The risk of fibroids

zhivotOne of the most common types of benign tumors uterine fibroids. It is formed from muscular and connective tissue and often forms several nodes. They can be located inside the uterus, its cervix, in the abdominal cavity.

Often this disease is found in several generations of women, that is inherited. Most often, fibroids detected during pregnancy when there is hormonal changes, because the tumor is hormone-dependent. For this reason during menopause Minnie nodes dramatically decrease or completely resolve, although not all women.

konsultaciya vrachaWhat to do if identification of fibroids? Do I need to hurry with removing it or you can all let things slide? Be sure to observe, you may need medication. The danger that may provoke the strongest uterine bleeding. Then need emergency measures, sometimes the only way out the operation of removing the uterus. It may become a tragedy for a young woman who still has no children. Overall, according to statistics, only 10% of myomas require surgical treatment, but regular monitoring, ultrasound of the pelvic organs provide an opportunity to identify danger signs and take action timely.

Small fibroids occur most often asymptomatic. Larger ones can manifest the abundant bleeding during menstruation, problems with urination, pain in the abdomen. The compression of the myoma of the fallopian tubes can lead to infertility. Also dangerous can be the tumor due to the development of iron deficiency anemia, causing hormonal changes, leading to obesity. Can be fibroids and cause unbearable pain and inflammation can lead to kidney disease, peritonitis, sepsis.

Today there are several treatments that are used depending on the size, location of sites and features of women's organism and, given its age. The main thing is not to leave the fibroids without control and to undergo regular examination by a gynecologist and be sure to do an ultrasound.