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Acute leukemia in children is no longer a death sentence

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia every year in 4 children out of every 100,000. Incidence peaks at age 2-5 years. The development of cancer in this question allows you to permanently eliminate the disease up to 95% of young patients, of course, if parents asked for help before it is too late.

On that note:

  • The appearance of bruises and minor hemorrhagic rash,
  • Pale skin,
  • An increase in the abdomen,
  • Changes in blood tests.

If there are such signs, you should report them pediatrician. It in case of need will direct on consultation to the hematologist. These professionals usually have in regional children's hospitals. If the diagnosis of leukemia is confirmed, the child is sent to one of the medical centers, where he can get help and where chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation. In Russia today, their 13, leading centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Approach to treatment

rebenokTherapy of lymphoblastic leukemia is aimed at achieving remission and normalization of hematopoiesis. Patients undergo a necessary number of courses of chemotherapy, and nearly 30% of patients need bone marrow transplantation. This treatment can be described as very hard, because complications affect almost the entire body.

Is now available the new generation of drugs, this immunological means. With their help it is possible to switch the reserves of the body to fight the disease. Doctors hope that in the next decade this approach will occupy a leading position, and complications from the chemo thing of the past.

An important component of treatment is money. To treat one child needs more than 2 million rubles. Most of the money allocated by the government through special programs, part of the funds comes from charitable foundations.