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Cancer symptoms gums are lubricated

About 10% of the total number of cancers of the oral cavity accounted for the gums. The most often targeted elderly people, previously had a problem with them or those who they for some reason are routinely subject to mechanical injury, e.g., piercing on the tongue and the lip or traumatic irregularities on the teeth and prostheses. Dental practitioners have noted that inflammation of the gums and violation of the integrity of tooth enamel is inherent in approximately 20% of young people with diverse mouth piercings.

Statistics show that the male population is generally exposed to disease more often than women by almost two times. Of course, a certain contribution in this painting make Smoking and fascination with other addictions, but we can not agree that the majority of men are inherent irresponsibility to the existing chronic inflammation of the gums and necessary to treat teeth. A similar disease, even recurrent in this area can be treated, but up to a certain time. Launched periodontitis leads to the complete destruction of the skeletal bases of the teeth, which may contribute to the emergence of malignant tumors not only in the oral cavity, but also in the neck and head.

Early diagnosis is very important

diagnostika desenAppeared on the gum tumor, with whitish lesions on a reddish background, people should be alerted. A careful inspection of the surface of these spots you can see the pronounced vascular net. Onset of the disease may be progressive and eventually swelling of the gums between the teeth with both external and internal parties. These are the main features that distinguish cancer from the normal diseases of the mouth, and they should serve as a reason for an immediate visit to the dentist, because the patient himself to make an accurate diagnosis difficult.

The lower jaw of a person, more precisely, its alveolar part, unlike the upper most vulnerable to cancer of the gums. The floor of the mouth and the transitional fold the vestibule is the favorite place of its habitat. Here a particularly important role for early diagnosis and promptly begin appropriate treatment since some tumors are rapidly progressing in the direction of the bone forming metastases in the lymph nodes. The need for early treatment with acts and the fact that cancer of the gums can be managed successfully in the first stage and the later stages of its development will bring many complications and problems.

Severe pain in the mouth makes the person turn for help to the professionals. If the dentist reacted not carefully to inspect all of its tissues and conducted therapeutic treatment, and sometimes, seeing the cause of pain in the tooth and removed it, he could trigger the spread of malignant tumors to new sites. In most cases, cancer of the gums refers to a squamous type, this type of tumor, even lokalizatsii, can hit the bone, the mucous membrane of cheeks, floor and roof of your mouth. There are cases (30%) of metastasis to her lymph nodes in early stage.

Leading cancer symptoms gums:

  • significant swelling;
  • a painful reaction to the touch;
  • pigmented seal;
  • the formation of ulcerative lesions;
  • strong bleeding tissue.

The seal that appears on the gums and the presence of a small characteristic ulcers and cracks around talking about the fact that the disease has come into its own. Further progression may lead to bleeding from the gums at the slightest touch, as well as increased pain in the tumor site, which eventually spreads throughout the cavity. But cancer is insidious, it may not show prominent symptoms, or the character will be blurred. Preventive examinations in dentistry with a frequency of 1 every six monthswill be in your best interest and regular self-examination of the oral cavity will also help identify suspicious state. In the event that the expert-based suspicion, the patient must undergo additional tests:

  • consultation of oncologist;
  • Cytology samples for the presence of cancer cells;
  • a biopsy to determine the type of tumor.
  • x-rays and CT to identify metastases in areas corresponding to high risk.

Methods of treatment and prevention

lechenie desnyIt is encouraging that malignant tumors of the gums in the majority are successfully treated if detected early. The mortality rate here is quite low: pain in the mouth forcing all person to go to the doctor, and the disease will be timely detected. The prognosis is determined by tumor size, stage of development, accuracy of diagnosis and General condition of the patient. The treatment begins with surgery the tumor is removed, and then to prevent relapse is chemotherapy and antibiotics and vitamins help you cope with this terrible disease.

Studying statistical data available in the patient's life factors that cause cancer of the gums, doctors have concluded are the most common causes of its occurrence:

  • foci of infection in untreated the teeth;
  • chronic inflammatory processes of the gums;
  • lack of oral hygiene;
  • the presence of systematic traumatic factors of the tongue, gums, teeth;
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco and other bad habits.

Based on this list, prevention of cancer involves regular visits to the dentist for examination and treatment, daily thorough oral hygiene, avoiding harmful habits, prevention of mechanical injury of the tissues of the gums and teeth, adequate intake of vitamin-mineral complex.