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The nutrition in breast cancer

Breast cancer is quite common among other cancer diseases. It often happens so that it progresses without any symptoms, and when (often accidentally) diagnosed, the disease is already on the third and then the fourth stage. And yet, whether we are closer to ourselves, we could notice some symptoms of breast cancer. Discomfort in the nipples, skin irritation or flaking of the nipple, its retraction, change in shape of the breast are the signs that should alert and give a reason for visiting the doctor.

Constantly researching, there are different options and methods of treatment of tumors, including breast cancer. But do not neglect the simple and accessible means. The vast majority of doctors share the opinion that the nutrition in breast cancer plays an important role in the prevention of disease, improvement of results of treatment and condition of patients.

Basic advice on nutrition

can be let not decisive, but still a positive factor in the treatment and prevention of tumors.