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Symptoms of breast cancer

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that develops in the breast tissue and is characterized by aggressive growth and metastasis active.

Causes of breast cancer

Often provoke the multiplication of cancer cells in the breast following factors:

  • Hormonal changes in the female body (for example, due to entry into menopause, abortion, etc.).
  • Moved mastitis (inflammation of breast).
  • Ecologically unfavorable environmental factors.
  • "Bad" heredity. If the family has a mother, sister, grandmother suffered from breast cancer, the risk of such tumors is doubled.
  • Benign tumors in the breast (fibrocystic mastopathy, intraductal papillomatosis, fibroadenoma, etc.).
  • Frequent radiation exposure to the chest associated with the diagnosis of other diseases (tuberculosis, inflammatory process, a malignant tumor in the lungs).
  • Constitutional obesity.

Breast cancer in men (very rare, but still occurring phenomenon) develops under the influence of the following factors:

  • radiation exposure;
  • high levels of estrogen;
  • family history;
  • cirrhosis of the liver.

Symptoms of breast cancer

For each form of breast cancer characterized by a different clinical picture.

Nodular form

simptomy raka grudiMost often diagnosed with the local growth of the tumor in the host. At a palpation is defined by a rounded, dense painless formation with fuzzy borders. The mobility of a tumor may be limited due to sprouting in the surrounding tissue. Already in the early stages of the disease on education appears wrinkling of the skin. The growth of a tumor node was observed retraction of the skin. Late symptoms of breast cancer in this form – "lemon peel" around the tumor, deformity and retraction of the nipple with the defeat of the cancer cells ducts, seal or increase in the axillary lymph nodes.

Edematous form

It most often develops during pregnancy and lactation in young women. It is characterized by acute course, rapid increase in node swelling of the skin and breast tissue. Early metastasizes to nearby lymph nodes. This form of cancer is characterized by diffuse thickening and redness of the skin.

Aistopoda form

Typical signs of breast cancer the form – marked redness of the skin with uneven edges. On palpation the tumor site is not detected. The disease is acute, malignant, with high body temperature.

Mastitis-like form

Different density and increase the individual plot or breast cancer in General, redness, swelling. For the form of malignant, acute.

Feel the Breasts for cancer? Yes, the last two forms are characterized by the soreness of the breast.

Cancer Paget

The most favorable form of cancer because of its location in the center of the nipple and areola. The clinical picture – the phenomenon of maceration and expression of the nipple. The progression of the tumor provokes the destruction of the nipple and the emergence in its place of the ulcer.

Armored form

In this form reduces the size of the breast, limited mobility, the skin thickens and becomes rough.

Hidden form

The first symptoms of breast cancer the form – the increase in axillary lymph nodes without detectable formation in the prostate.

How to identify breast cancer?

In most cases, a malignant tumor in the breast for the first time diagnose the woman. It is therefore extremely important to know about the normal changes associated with the menstrual cycle, for example) and to distinguish the first signs of breast cancer.

Self-examination is recommendedto spend each month, after the menstrual cycle. The stages of diagnosis:

  • Visual inspection. Inspect your Breasts: they should not be any scars, seals and folds.
  • Study nipples. Interlock your hands behind your head and examine your nipples: they should be symmetrical, uniform in size, not drawn. Take the nipples and pull them a little: whether they are equally displaced on both Breasts. Make sure the nipple is free of seals. Push nipple discharge should not be.
  • Probing of breast tissue. First carefully touch the right hand the left breast, examine the muscle depression on the subject of knots and seals. Likewise, palpate the right breast.

Implications in breast cancer

Breast cancer a dangerous, aggressive and progressive growth. A malignant tumor of this type even in the initial stages tend to metastasize. And the lesions tend to be poorly sensitive to chemotherapy drugs and patients quickly lead to death.