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Symptoms of cancer of the sternum

In our days cancer is one of the most terrible diseases, which daily takes the lives of people. This cancer affects the organs and body parts.

Sternum cancer is a heterogeneous group of tumors, which is associated with the structure of the chest cavity. Tumors arising in the thoracic parts of our body are associated with different causes and are localized mainly in the esophagus, lungs and in rare cases heart. To cancer of the sternum and can also include breast tumor.

Classification of tumors of the sternum

Before the treatment of any disease, and cancer is no exception, the doctor will conduct a diagnosis to determine the stage of disease and the cause of the tumors.

Tumors of the sternum are divided into malignant and benign:

  • Malignant can be divided into primary and secondary. The primary tumor is a sarcoma, and a secondary formed as a result of fouling of the sternum tumor from another organ (lungs, heart, chest wall).
  • Benign tumors are not as scary as malignant, these include hemangiomas, lipomas and lymphangiomas.

Early detection of tumors will prolong your life, so always respond to the symptoms of your body.

Symptoms of cancer of the sternum

kashelUnfortunately, the symptoms of sternum cancer are not striking manifestations. A patient having a tumor, continues to live even unaware of the danger of his life. Therefore, experts call cancer the sternum is insidious and hidden disorder. Due to the fact that the disease is asymptomatic, detect cancer at the later stages, when help is virtually impossible. Because of this, there is a high mortality of patients diagnosed with cancer of the sternum".

The last stage of the disease in contrast to the beginning of the flow appears very actively. Severe pain in the chest cavity cannot be controlled, the patient abruptly loses body weight, there is a weakness, apathy and constant fatigue. Patient complaints will depend on the location of the tumor. If the tumor invaded the lungs, then you may notice the following signs of illness:

  • Expectoration of blood;
  • Cough, which is little amenable to treatment;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • Pain in the back.

Any sign of sickness should send you for expert advice, because ignoring the signs of any disease leads to complications, and in this case fatal.

Why is there cancer of the sternum?

kurenie s rannego vozrasta Why is there cancer of the sternum? This question is raised by many experts in the field of health. In fact, the specific cause of tumor development in the thoracic cavity no. There are suggestions that cancer of the sternum may be inherited, however, it has not been proven. Factors that can cause mad division of cancer cells in the chest very much. These include:

  • Smoking from an early age in large doses;
  • Alcohol in large doses;
  • Radiation exposure;
  • Work associated with the chemical industry and recycling of heavy metals;
  • Viral diseases, such as hepatitis;
  • Large consumption of fatty, salty, smoked food.

Actually, you can list and enumerate, but it is important to remember that cancers appear suddenly and progressing with the speed that before you know it, and you have the last stage. Therefore, all of the symptoms that sends you a body needs to attract attention.

Diagnosis of cancer of the sternum

Diagnostic testing will focus on the part of the body, where by all indications is the swelling. Tumors may occur bumps, swelling of the skin that resemblesa bruise or injury. Therefore, diagnostics will confirm or deny the presence of cancer.

Compulsory tests in the examination are:

  • Ultrasound or ultrasound examination;
  • MRI – magnetic resonance imaging;
  • Computed tomography;
  • The radiograph;
  • A blood test.

Unfortunately, the blood test, though the easiest way to detect cancer, but the results may show the presence of the disease only at the very last stage, when the tumor grows and affects the adjacent organs.

The right treatment depends on timely diagnosis, the physician takes into account all the patient's complaints. At the moment there are several ways of treating cancer of the sternum, however, surgical method is considered the most effective.

Treatment of cancer of the sternum

Cancer of the sternum, as described above, is a serious disease. Favorable results expect not many. The primary treatment for this disease is surgery.

Upon detection of benign tumors surgery is performed without excision of the surrounding tissue. Otherwise, when malignant tumor surgery will be carried out with the extensive excision of the tissues that surround the tumor.