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Stage breast cancer

The most frequent cancer of women in Russia, breast cancer. Has for many years maintained an active research in the field of treatment of this oncological pathology, progress has been made, treatment is administered. It is based on many factors, including what stage the disease is. Knowledge of the stages of breast cancer will help you choose the right treatment. The stage of a cancer describes the size and spread of the tumor. In addition, in stages, allocate extent, showing the possible rate of spread of the tumor.

The zero stage is called non-invasive cancer. The tumor cells are inside the ducts or lobules of the breast and have not yet spread to the surrounding tissues. At this stage, the disease the vast majority can be cured.

  • Breast cancer stage 1

The size of the tumor not exceeding 2 cm, axillary lymph nodes were not affected, cancer cells do not extend beyond the breast.

  • Breast cancer stage 2

The tumor may reach 5 cm, can be affected lymph nodes in the armpit on the side of the tumor. Spread beyond the breast is not happening or it is just beginning. Breast cancer second stage has two degrees. In first-degree cells do not metastasize. Breast cancer 2 degrees gives a single metastasis.

  • Breast cancer stage 3

The size of the tumor exceeds 5 cm, the possible manifestations, such as retraction of the nipple, discharge from it, ulceration. Appear multiple axillary metastases. Breast cancer 1 degree is characterized by the soldering of the lymph nodes to surrounding tissues. Second degree – the tumor invades the skin of the breast, chest wall, internal mammary lymph nodes. Breast cancer grade 3 can be in the form of inflammatory cancer, which is uncommon, but is a very serious form of cancer. In this form the skin of the breast becomes red, is the local temperature rise detectable seal. Sometimes these symptoms are mistaken for symptoms of mastitis, and the treatment are wrong.

  • Breast cancer stage 4

The affected breast completely, the tumor spreads beyond the breast: breast, supraclavicular lymph nodes, liver, lungs, brain, bones. Cancer stage IV is metastatic or secondary cancer.

Diagnosis and treatment

balance with magnesium and vitamin D.

  • The use of alcohol, should be deleted: this is one of the risk factors of developing cancer.
  • You need to limit sugar intake, as an excess leads to obesity, but it is also a risk factor.
  • Diet for breast cancer improves quality of life of patients, neutralize the side effects of treatment. In addition to reducing the risk of tumor recurrence, reduced risk of other diseases, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.