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What stomach cancer looks like

Stomach cancer is the fourth on the prevalence of cancer in the world. One of the most important risk factors for the development of gastric cancer and ulcerative process caused by infection Helicobucter pilori. Anchored in the stomach, the bacterium begins to multiply and destroys the lining of the stomach. The result is a weakened organism ceases to resist, that may manifest itself in an uncontrolled growth of epithelial mucosa cells and in their malignant degeneration.

Stages of stomach cancer:

  • The zero stage is characterized by the very small size of the tumor located in the superficial layers of the gastric mucosa. Initiating treatment at this stage 90% provides a stable positive result.
  • From the first to the third stage, the tumor grows into the stomach wall. May be affected okoloserdecna lymph nodes. The prognosis is much worse than at the zero stage, but the chances of a favorable outcome is sufficient.
  • Stomach cancer stage 4. To achieve a significant improvement in the state, and especially healing at this stage is almost impossible, because already there are multiple metastases to other organs.

Diagnosis and treatment

The main methods of treatment of stomach cancer is surgery and chemotherapy. In almost all cases, treatment starts with surgery to remove part of the stomach or the whole organ. At the last stage of the disease this is done in order to ease the patient at least the last few months of life. In the earlier stages after the operation is assigned to a chemotherapeutic treatment for relapse prevention.