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Food for stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is a malignant tumor disease that develops in the mucosa of the stomach. It occupies the second place after breast cancer in women and lung cancer in men.

Causes of stomach cancer the following.

      1. The effect of carcinogens: preservatives, nitrosamines, too rough food, smoked, fried or spicy foods.
      2. Lack of fruit and vegetable in the main diet.
      3. Abuse-Smoking, alcohol.
      4. Ingestion of Helicobacter Pylori infection.
      5. Heredity.

Stomach cancer is divided into four degrees depending on the level of the lesion tissue of the stomach.

Stomach cancer grade 3 refers to the late stages of the disease. It is characterized by damage, from seven to fifteen nodes and distant tissues of the stomach. To cure this disease is already very hard, although a slight possibility of survival still remains.

Food for stomach cancer should be the following:

      1) adherence to meal;
      2) portions should contain a small amount of food;
      3) from the diet excluded irritants;
      4) prohibited the use of alcoholic beverages;
      5) with the large amount of proteins and vitamins.

For patients with fourth degree of the disease usually put a dropper with glucose, proteins, saline. Sometimes practice the introduction of nutrients through an enema. But it's a less humane way than previous.

Diet after surgery for stomach cancer

irritating influence on the mucous membrane of the intestine. Restrictions should be followed not more than three months after the surgery, then the diet should gradually expand.

      1. A one-time increase the volume of food to go back to the regular four meals a day.
      2. Reduce the multiplicity of the meal.
      3. New product introduce for half an hour before food and that little by little, carefully watching their feelings.
      4. It is useful to take a course of drugs that can restore normal intestinal flora, especially after taking antibiotics. For the effect of should consult a gastroenterologist. It will help you to choose the appropriate dose and duration of use.
      5. Do not drink alcohol and fizzy drinks, can increase the digestive disorders.

As you can see, diet after surgery for stomach cancer is quite affordable. The main thing is to follow all the rules, which will allow you to avoid many problems with postoperative digestive disorders.