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Causes of stomach cancer

One of the most common cancers – cancer of the stomach. Every year it causes the death of over half a million people on the globe. Different countries have different incidence. Less often stomach cancer is found in the United States, and most often in Japan, although other cancers in this country have lower rates among developed countries.

What are the causes of stomach cancer? Why is it so widespread? Why can develop in any part of the stomach? Called the causes of cancer of the stomach, improper diet, exposure to carcinogenic substances. But this is only the factors contributing to the emergence of the tumor and not the real causes of the disease.

The reason cancer is becoming a mutation of cells that leads to uncontrolled cell division and their transformation into the tumor. If the tumor is benign, it puts pressure on adjacent organs. A malignant tumor infiltrates into the surrounding tissues, its cells divide very quickly and fall into other organs. So formed metastases. The process of cancer development is much faster in the presence of factors that contribute to it.

Risk factors of stomach cancer?

  • The high content of animal fats, nitrates and nitrites in food
  • The use of alcohol,
  • Chronic diseases of the stomach,
  • Surgery to remove part of the stomach by reason of some other disease.

Nitrates and nitrites enter the human body mainly from food. The vegetables must be present in our diet, often contain an increased amount of these harmful substances. Of great importance is the method of growing vegetables. Greenhouse vegetables are always more saturated in nitrates than that grown in the open ground, as greenhouse suggests higher doses of chemicals.

the stage is extremely rare.

  • Stomach cancer stage 2 is characterized by tumor invasion into submucosa and muscle layer. There may be metastases in the lymph nodes. At this stage, the five-year survival just over 50%.
  • Stage 3 the tumor can go into neighboring organs, metastases spread to more distant organs. Stomach cancer grade 3 is diagnosed much more often than 1 and 2. From 15 to 38% of diagnosed patients live 5 years after diagnosis.
  • In the fourth stage developed distant metastases can begin the disintegration of the tumor. It is at this stage and are diagnosed with stomach cancer in most cases. Often life expectancy is only a year old. Five-year survival statistics are not more than 5%.
  • Stomach cancer is an insidious disease, it may be a long time to give no reason for concern. Therefore, the diagnosis is often made when the disease has gone too far.