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Stomach cancer grade 3

Stomach cancer is a serious and one of the most common cancers. Annually diagnosed in nearly forty nine thousand new cases of this terrible disease. And among the male population, the disease occurs much more frequently than women. As a rule, gastric cancer develops in any division of this body and is spreading fast metastases to other organs, especially the liver,lungs and esophagus.

Stomach cancer grade 3 already has a poor prognosis for survival of the patient, which ranges from fifteen to thirty-eight percent. Although. As you can see, the weaker the chances for survival of life remain.

Stomach cancer grade 3 is subdivided into stages 3A, 3B and 3C depending on the nature of the spread of the cancer.

Stomach cancer stage 3 And means:

      1) the tumor has spread to the muscle layer of the stomach and captured no less than seven or more lymph nodes:
      2) or the tumor had sprouted in all gastric layers, and the cancer cells are in the presence of one or two lymph nodes.

3 In cancer of the stomach means:

      1) that the tumor had sprouted the entire outer wall of the stomach and has spread to at least seven or more lymph nodes;
      2) the tumor has already managed to penetrate into the surrounding tissue of the stomach and is presence of cancer cells in one or two lymph nodes.

3 With cancer of the stomach is characterized by the presence of a tumor that has spread beyond the outer wall of the stomach in three to six lymph nodes.

Stomach cancer is classified according to the following criteria:

      1) cell structure;
      2) the type of growth;
      3) the form of the tumor;
      4) for the dissemination of tumor masses in the human body (stage).

There are four stages of stomach cancer depending on the extent of a tumor.

Stomach cancer, stage 1 is characterized by an established tumor. Depending on how the cancer has spread, this stage is divided into 1A and 1B under the stage.

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