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Stomach cancer: forecast

Stomach cancer is a dangerous disease, manifested in the formation of malignant tumors which are localized on the mucosa of the stomach. Among others the localization of the cancer it ranks second. Often found only lung cancer. To provoke stomach cancer can the following factors:

  • improper diet (consumption of smoked, pickled, fried, frequent snacking, prolonged absence of plant food, etc.);
  • alcohol abuse and Smoking;
  • infection;
  • the negative impact to the environment.

Symptoms often determined in patients older than fifty years. For early diagnostics it is important to undergo annual preventive screening examination. Timely diagnosis of the disease allows you to start the treatment in time. And under these conditions, the prognosis is more optimistic. Maybe even complete recovery from stomach cancer.

How I live with stomach cancer?

For prediction of tumor treatment in Oncology is widely used, the term "five year survival". This term is relevant for tumors of any other localization. If after treatment the patient lives five years, he may be perfectly recovered. Such a patient, there is every chance that he will never get sick with this type of cancer.

Overall survival for stomach cancer is approximately 20% of all patients. This low percentage is due to the detection of the disease in the later stages. But every case is individual. Therefore, a particular kind of stomach cancer in a particular patient may not obey the overall statistics.

Curable cancer of the stomach? The answer to this question depends on the stage of the disease, the type of tumor and proper treatment regimens. Let us consider the dependence of the results of treatment stage of disease:

      1.Zero stage.

Cancer cells are found in the inner layer of the stomach. They have not spread inland. Timely detection, proper treatment, proper nutrition for cancer of the stomach give very good results. Possible full recovery.

      2.The first stage.

The tumor infiltrated the muscle layer or spread to nearby lymph nodes. Five-year survival rate at this degree is 80%.

      3.The second stage.

Can take two forms:

      1 cancer cells struck the inner layer of the stomach and three to six lymph nodes;
    • the tumor penetrated into the muscular layer and was struck by one or two lymph node;
    • cancer cells have sprouted in all layers of gastric wall, but did not hit the lymph nodes;
      2 – cancer cells struck the inner layer of the stomach and more than seven lymph nodes;
    • the tumor penetrated into the muscular layer and was struck by three to six lymph nodes;
    • cancer cells have reached the outer layer of the stomach and struck one or two of the lymph node.

Five-year survival rate at this degree is just over fifty percent.

      4.The third stage.

Is characterized by damage to the wall of the stomach and lymph nodes (not more than seven). Five-year survival from 10 to 40%.

      5.The fourth stage.

Characteristic lesions of the entire lymphatic system and distant metastasis. Five-year survival rate is only 5%.

On survival of patients with gastric cancer is influenced by the following factors:

  • the nature of the tumor;
  • the body of the patient (comorbidity);
  • the treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery, and treatment of gastric cancer folk remedies).

the center is not deleted) lives more than five years. So, after gastroenterostomy or laparotomy in patients with gastric cancer live about five months. After conducting a non-radical resection – about eleven months.

Distant metastasis is also significantly shortens the life expectancy of patients. Do not save even radical surgery. The presence of residual tumor is life after surgery, not more than two years.

Other factors influencing the survival of patients with non-radical nature of surgical treatment are of secondary importance.