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How to treat sarcoma? Details about important.

The question of how to treat sarcoma, answer doctor. Most often, treatment for this type of tumor is operational. However, it is most effective in the early stages of the disease. In a later intervention, one surgery is not enough, need other types of treatment.

What kind of disease sarcoma?

Sarcoma is a malignant tumor. It comes from connective tissue cells, can affect fat and nervous tissue, fibrous tissue, striated and smooth muscle, bone. Thus it can develop in the skin, bones and internal organs. Signs of sarcoma may be small or similar to the diseases of nonneoplastic nature. They depend on localization of tumor and stage of its development. For example, a sarcoma of the abdomen may be accompanied by bloody discharge when the tumor in the uterus or intestinal obstruction in the development of sarcoma in one of its departments.

In many cases of sarcoma it is manifested by swelling or node. Pain in the early stages characteristic of bone sarcomas at other sites of pain can appear later.

The reasons for the development of sarcoma:

  • The failure of the immune system
  • Exposure to carcinogens and ionizing radiation,
  • Injuries
  • The herpes simplex virus.

However, this is probably not the cause, but predisposing factors. It is established that when their presence sarcoma develops more often.

Surgical treatment

As mentioned above, the main treatment of sarcoma surgery. In the early stages of tumor development it is delete the localization. In more severe cases may require removal of the surrounding tissue or affected organ. For example, if the sarcoma that develops in a limb when it strikes main vessels, bone it is necessary to amputate this limb. Sarcoma of the intestines is treated by removing the affected portion of the bowel with the tumor.

Radiation therapy

External irradiation. This is a fairly tried and tested method that has helped many cancer patients. However, sarcoma is a tumor that does not always responds to this type of treatment. Although, for example, Ewing sarcoma is treatable only by radiation.

Brachytherapy. A radioactive drug is injected into the tumor and acts directly on cancer cells. Healthy cells suffer much less than with external radiotherapy.

Radiation therapy is often performed after radical surgery to prevent recurrence.

Treatment system CyberKnife

The modern and quite expensive method of treatment of cancer. CyberKnife is a radiosurgery device that allows you to destroy tumors in the most sparing mode for the surrounding tissue. This device allows you to monitor the patient's condition. Complications and side effects are minimal and treatment time is significantly reduced compared to conventional radiation therapy. For some patients, the CyberKnife is a real way.

The treatment of sarcoma chemotherapy

Chemotherapy can be performed before surgery (to reduce the size of the tumor), and after it to destroy remaining malignant cells, to reduce the risk of metastasis. Introduced for the treatment of anticancer drugs cyclophosphamide, adriamycin, methotrexate, imidazole carboxamide.

Treatment of Kaposi's sarcoma

The process of treating this type of sarcoma is characterized by the fact that the surgical method is used extremely seldom, and chemotherapy and radiation, which complement the local effects with the help of ointments, creams. Kaposi's sarcoma developed on the skin and is manifested in large red and blue spots. To stop the spread of the disease are used, and cryotherapy, which allows us to achieve more and cosmetic effect.

Folk remedies

title="Surgery" alt="Surgery">To the basic treatment, you can add the treatment of sarcoma folk remedies. Often there are recommendations to use in this disease al. This plant helps to restore the immune system and has antitumor activity. For treatment make a tincture of five large leaves of aloe. The leaves are ground and pour half a liter of vodka. Insist two weeks, take three times a day tablespoon before eating.

Remember that any treatment should take place with the approval of your physician.

The disease is sarcoma applies to such diseases, which often gives a relapse. Like any other disease, sarcoma treated more effectively at early stages. However, it develops slowly, besides for a long time does not manifest itself by any symptoms and is therefore rarely diagnosed early in its development. This is one of the reasons that treatment is not always successful.