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Adenoma of the pancreas: symptoms and treatment

The pancreas consists of the following parts: head, body, tail. It is located in the abdomen near the stomach, intestines and other organs.

The pancreas has two main functions in the body:

  • It produces juices that help digest (break down) food.
  • Produces hormones such as insulin and glucagon that control blood sugar levels. Both of these hormones help the body use and store the energy we get from food.

Adenoma of the pancreas is education, which affects pancreatic tissue benign cells. If the time to detect adenoma and to seek professional help, treatment is fast and effective. However, it is important to know the first signs of tumor development.

What symptoms indicate adenoma?

How long will symptoms depends on several factors, such as tumor localization, its size and structure.

All the symptoms can be divided into two groups:

  • Primary (when the tumor is small in size and does not bring symptoms);
  • Later (when the tumor reached a large size, and began to squeeze the blood vessels, ducts of glands, nerves and even squeeze neighboring organs).

The most dangerous thing is that the symptoms for a long time not seen, and in their manifestation it is too late for effective treatment. The tumor in such situations may find doctors in normal routine physical examination, in the other case it continues to grow, which leads to the first, but late symptoms.

boli v oblasti zhivotaThe first signs can be:

  • Pain in the abdomen (the pain can give in the back;
  • Poor appetite;
  • Loss (with it sharp) of body weight;
  • During sleep the pain may worsen, which disrupts the normal healthy sleep;
  • Sometimes feel nausea;
  • General weakness and apathy.

These are the first signs that can help you promptly raise the alarm and contact the hospital. Follow the signals of your body. If you ignore these signs, the tumor will grow and manifest itself more dangerous symptoms overlap bile duct. This leads to the fact that the bile enters the bloodstream. How do you recognize ?

Symptoms when the bile in the blood:

  • Urine becomes dark in color;
  • The stool become lighter;
  • There is nausea and diarrhea;
  • Chills, fever;
  • Pain in the right upper quadrant (near the liver).

When you have developing and growing a benign tumor, you might puke right after eating, watching excessive sweating and persistent feeling of fear and anxiety should be sent to the hospital.

Sometimes it happens that the tumor exerts pressure on the duodenum, that may be the consequence of the refusal of food.

How to treat?

There is good news – a benign adenoma has a favorable prognosis and the survival rate is much higher than in malignant tumors. Patients who have an adenoma of the pancreas recover quickly and completely. The treatment is exclusively surgical. Unfortunately not at the moment of a magic pill that would be able to destroy the tumor.

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