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Adenoma of the stomach and its characteristics

Adenoma of the stomach is a benign neoplasm in the stomach, which is of several types. Adenoma of the stomach also called polyps.

Although this formation is benign, however, it poses a danger to the patient.

In the absence of treatment of the disease there is a significant risk of degeneration of a tumor from benign to malignant.

Types of adenoma of the stomach

There are several types of adenoma of the stomach. These include:

  • tubular adenoma, which is characterized by the structure of the groups of glandular tubes of round shape; the surface of education there are papillary growths;
  • tubulovillous adenoma – has a structure and tubular and villous formation;
  • intestinal adenoma the most common and carries a high risk of degeneration into a malignant tumor.

Characteristics of the adenoma of the stomach

adenoma zheludkaAdenoma of the stomach is more common in the elderly, it is especially common among Asian residents. Most often adenoma has the form of a nodule or thickening of the mucous membrane of the stomach. In some cases, the adenoma of the stomach is growing on the stem. The most common tumor site is the eve of the stomach.

Tubular adenoma of the stomach characterized by slow growth. Most often tubular adenoma affects the intestines, but in some cases, and stomach.

Adenoma requires mandatory treatment, otherwise, education can become malignant and lead to death of the patient.


Causes of adenomas are considered to be inflammatory processes in the stomach. Thus have the value of the food habits of the patient, which can lead to the onset of the disease. There may occur a bacterial infection, which provoke the disease.

The risk factors for development of adenomas include the use of certain medication. Not the last importance is the genetic inheritance of the patient. Adverse environmental conditions negatively affects the health of the stomach and may lead to the development of disease.


Adenoma of the stomach in the initial phase does not manifest itself symptomatically. In some cases, the disease may manifest the same symptoms as gastritis. Tumors in the legs cause severe cramping pain as a result of their entrapment. Polyps of other species accompanied by a dull pain.

Patient changing its taste habits, doesn't eat meat, he has a disturbed appetite, resulting in rapid weight loss, anemia.

With a considerable development of the adenoma, the patient may experience obstruction of the stomach. The patient has vomiting, and may experience stomach bleeding.

Diagnosis of the disease

Pathology is diagnosed by radiographic or endoscopic examination of the patient. Additionally, conduct various laboratory tests. Also can diagnose adenoma by ultrasonography and computed tomography. To determine malignancy education possible by means of biopsy.

Treatment of the adenoma

Treatment of tubular adenoma of the stomach has a favorable prognosis. Can be used conservative treatment or the removal of which, for small polyps is carried out endoscopically. A large formation is removed surgically or by resection of the stomach. Additionally, the patient is prescribed a diet that is optimally balanced.

In malignant nature of the tumor it can be treated successfully in the early stages of development.