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What is adenoma of the sebaceous gland?

Adenoma of the sebaceous gland is the formation on the skin, which in most cases is benign. It can be of different size, texture and color. This lesion is formed in tissue growth of the sebaceous glands most often in the elderly. The reason education become a genetic mutation.

Symptoms and signs

Adenoma of the sebaceous glands is education, like a knot inside of the skin or the same bundle, but acting on it. The color of the nodules may be yellowish or pink. Adenoma is formed from the epithelial cells of the sebaceous glands of two types: growth and Mature. You'll in most cases on the skin of the face, but may appear on the head under the hair or on the neck. Grows very slowly. Sometimes the process begins in childhood, but symptoms are noticeable many years later.

adenoma salnyh zhelezIt is customary to distinguish three main types of tumors:

  • Adenoma of sebaceous glands of the type Pringga-Bourneville,
  • Adenoma of sebaceous glands, Allepo Darya
  • Adenomas of the sebaceous glands of the type of Balzer-menetrie.

The tumor type Pringga-Bourneville is manifested as the formation of different colors, which can be a lot. They are rounded or elongated, pale-yellow or dark brown. This small education, they usually have a flat, smooth surface.


  • nasolabial folds,
  • chin,
  • cheeks.

Lesions are located on both sides of the face.

The beginning of a sebaceous adenoma of this type have at a young age, but well-known occurrence of such education in childhood. There are occasions when a few people get sick from the same family. A characteristic specific feature in patients with adenoma type Pringga-Bourneville appears yellowish seal on the skin of the lower back or sacrum.

In some cases, the presence of a sebaceous adenoma of this type of evidence of disease Pringle. Then observed two more symptoms: decreased intelligence, and seizures.

Sebaceous adenoma of the type Allepo Darya more like a warty tumors of dense consistency. First, there are isolated nodules, but they tend to merge. Then the whole formed foci.

Adenomas of the sebaceous glands of the type of Balzer-menetrie come in two forms: nodules, slightly raised above the skin or fibroids on a small stalk. Located mainly on the face, sometimes on the neck. The size of the tumors up to 4 mm, in rare cases they reach 1 cm In coloration they usually don't differ from the skin color, but can be slightly lighter.

Diagnosis and treatment

Visual inspection is the main point in the diagnosis. Although in the majority of cases of adenoma of the sebaceous glands are not dangerous, yet sometimes there is a risk of malignant transformation. Therefore, in some cases it is necessary to conduct a histological analysis of tissue sebaceous adenoma. In addition, it is necessary to differentiate adenoma syndrome Pringle and juvenile eels.

The treatment is carried out by the method of removal. After removal of small nodules is not left scars after larger will probably leave marks on the skin.

vneshnij osmotr Deletion is done in various ways:

  • surgical,
  • laser destruction,
  • electrocoagulation.

For the purpose of removing knots and smoothing of the skin is dermabrasion the skin. This treatment has also the rejuvenating effect, because it can be very effective in patients in adulthood.