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How is the treatment of BPH folk remedies?

BPH is a benign tumor of the prostate gland, which is quite prevalent among men. Especially often this urological disease occurs in men 50-60 years. Treatment of the adenoma should be mandatory. This files most often carried out surgery to remove education.

But there are also options for how to treat BPH without surgery. There are many traditional medicines aimed at the treatment of this disease. But before you start self-treatment, the patient should consult with your doctor and enlist his support. It is important to do no harm in treatment of BPH folk remedies.


The development of benign prostatic hyperplasia is associated with age-related changes in the male body. At the age of 50-60 years in the male body occurs hormonal changes, causing can develop a deficiency of male hormones. Their disadvantage is the weakening of men's health.

BPH occurs when growth of cells glands submucosal layer of the bladder. If increasing the formation of nodules. As a result of these knots disrupted the normal process of urination, develops a narrowing of the urethra and the deformation of the internal sphincter of the bladder.


BPH is accompanied by pain when urinating and burning sensation. This is due to the tumor in the prostate gland, which compresses the lumen of the urethra. The patient urination becomes frequent, and the stream of urine becomes weak.

For urination, man needs some stress that the disease progresses, it becomes more significant. If the bladder is full, then the patient can occur spontaneous release of urine. This happens at a serious stage of the disease.

Diagnostic pathology

Only a doctor can reliably diagnose it, because it is necessary if you experience symptoms of pathology to refer to it for advice.

To identify disease conduct palpation examination of the patient, send it to a laboratory. But the main method of diagnosis of BPH is the ultrasound examination of the patient. Additionally can be used cystoscopy, urography and biopsy.


hirurgicheskoe lechenieTreatment of BPH is carried out mainly by surgery, drug treatment of the disease ineffective. As a surgical treatment used such types of removal of adenoma:

  • surgical treatment;
  • transurethral resection;
  • laser removal;
  • laparoscopic removal.

There are other methods of removal of adenoma of the prostate, but they are rarely used because of the high likelihood of complications after surgery.

There are many ways to treat BPH at home. Before you agree to surgery, can a doctor's permission to use folk remedies for the treatment.

Traditional treatments

How to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH folk remedies, also depends on the stage of the disease. Effective this treatment is at an early stage of development of the adenoma.

Treatment can be performed with propolis, which has antibacterial properties. Not necessary to even use propolis in its pure form. The pharmacy can buy candles based on it, which will be effective treatment.

Treatment of prostate adenoma bee subpestilence is widely known. This requires viewmedia bees. They pour water, boil for 2 hours on low heat. Treatment of BPHPodmore bees continues for months, then needed a break of six months. Then the treatment is repeated.

The benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment baking soda is also common. We need to apply the baking soda along with buds and young birch leaves (1 tsp per Cup). Within 15 minutes the buds insist on a water bath, and then a bit of soda (take the tip of a knife) add in broth. Take several times a day.

Also as a traditional medicine used herb oregano, celandine, Flaxseed oil, juices of vegetables, and the bark of aspen with prostate adenoma. Can be used in other recipes, but their use must be approved by your doctor.