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How to recognize an adenoma of the parathyroid gland?

The parathyroid glands located in the neck, on the thyroid gland. Most people have four glands the size of a pea, oval. Endocrine glands such as the thyroid and parathyroid, secrete hormones that regulate body functions.

The parathyroid glands are responsible for managing calcium levels in the body. Parathyroid cancer is an extremely rare type of cancer. Men and women can equally suffer from it. Usually adenoma occurs in people over the age of 30.

What is adenoma of parathyroid gland?

Sometimes, benign growths are called adenomas develop on one or even simultaneously on four parathyroid glands. Causes of parathyroid adenoma in most cases is unknown. However, about 10%, believed to be inherited. Irradiation of the head and neck may also increase the risk of adenoma (Chernobyl have increased risks of developing cancer).

In the adenoma of the parathyroid glands begins with an elevated rate to produce parathyroid hormone, which causes primary hyperparathyroidism. Too much parathyroid hormone upsets the normal balance of calcium in the body, which increases its amount in the blood.

Parathyroid adenoma often develops in women who are over 60 years old. However, pathology can occur in people of other ages, regardless of gender.


Symptoms of a parathyroid adenoma at an early stage is almost imperceptible. One simply does not notice them. Because of the unclear symptoms the patient can feel the disease. At a developing stage benign growths are felt more realistic.

problemy s glotaniemSymptoms of benign cancer of the parathyroid glands include:

  • a small lump in the front of the neck;
  • pain in the back or side and blood in the urine (due to kidney stones);
  • bone pain or fractures;
  • hoarseness (caused by the cancer invading the vocal cords or nerves);
  • trouble swallowing;
  • constipation;
  • urinating more than usual;
  • loss of appetite and weight;
  • vomiting;
  • weakness and drowsiness.

Since the increase in calcium can be gradual in people with cancer of the parathyroid glands, the body is able to adapt to this condition. Patients often have only minor symptoms even if they have elevated levels of calcium.

Enlarged parathyroid gland does not necessarily indicate the development of adenoma. For this reason, if you detect an increase in the neck, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will refer you for a diagnostic.

How is it identified?

Too much calcium in the blood (hypercalcemia) may not cause any symptoms at all, and maybe Vice versa, to cause a number of symptoms.

 vrach rassprosit bolnogoParathyroid adenomas are usually detected when higher than normal levels of calcium manifests itself in normal blood, particularly in people without symptoms. Doctors then confirm the diagnosis of primary hyperparathyroidism.

Diagnosis of parathyroid adenoma diagnosed as follows:

  • first the doctor will ask the patient about all symptoms and complaints;
  • studying the history of the disease;
  • appoint an ultrasound to determine the location of the thyroid gland and its abnormalities;
  • CT and MRI;
  • urine analysis (to determine the level of Sa).

Biopsy is possible, but in that case, if the doctor to question the diagnosis. A biopsy is based on the fence damaged tissue and detailed research.

How to treat?

The most commontreatment of parathyroid adenoma is surgery, so treated 95% of all cases. However, your doctor may prescribe conservative treatment that includes a diet with low content of CA and options of drugs. At this point, the preoperative treatment of intravenous infusions of sodium chloride (isotonic solution) or bisphosphonates. After this training of the body, should surgery.

udalenie shitovidnoj zhelezySurgery for adenoma of the parathyroid gland is under the influence of General anesthesia. Surgery may lasts for about 2-3 hours. If the case is severe, then up to 6 hours. In General, everything will depend on the complexity of the work.

What can the doctor do during surgery:

  • partial or total removal of the parathyroid glands (one or three);
  • partial removal of the thyroid gland;
  • complete removal of the thyroid gland;
  • removal of the isthmus.

What is removed depends on your pathology. Before the procedure, the doctor will have to check all four glands in order not to miss the development of new development of benign or malignant tumors. If it is discovered that affected all four glands, removal of the parathyroid adenoma will be only three glands (and completely), and the fourth will be affected partially.

After the surgery can be complications such as hoarseness or a lifelong lack of calcium (CA).

At the moment we know that many people have not abandoned those treatment methods, which were used by our ancestors. Herbs have no less effect than the drugs, however, it is important to understand that their use should take place only under the supervision of a specialist.

So, adenoma of parathyroid gland treatment folk remedies involves the following:

  • Flax seeds, soaked in milk. Take 70 g of milk and add a small spoon full of flax, cook until thick. Strain the liquid and pulp to cool a little and apply on the swollen part of the neck.
  • Buckwheat flour and honey mixed with crushed walnuts (all in equal proportions). Choose one day a week and a day, just eat this mixture with water, tea or milk.

More walk in the fresh air, eat foods with low levels of calcium and take care of your health.