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The treatment of enlarged prostate in men or how to regain a quality of life?

For every male diagnosed "benign prostatic hyperplasia" always sounds like a death sentence. And, it's no wonder! Because BPH is a benign tumor that grows in the urethra and compresses it, thereby impeding the process of urination. This kind of volume enlargement of prostate leads not only to violation of its functions, but also to the manifestation of severe complications. Therefore, treatment of BPH should be carried out immediately.

Intimate life is under threat or what is the cause of the disease?

This disease is most often seen in men after 50 years. Causes of enlarged prostate in men is still not revealed. However, in urology there are several factors manifestations of the disease:

  • zloupotreblenie alkogolem i kureniegenetic predisposition;
  • alcohol abuse and Smoking;
  • improper diet;
  • obesity;
  • chronic inflammatory processes of genital organs.

As for the signs of the manifestation of the adenoma in men, they are quite diverse. Because BPH in men develops gradually, which often exacerbates the diagnostic process of this disease.

Quiet steps BPH

First, the main symptoms of BPH involve a violation of the process of urination and directly the functions of the reproductive system. But, as the disease has three stages of development, men are unable to manifest the following characteristics:

  • frequent urination process;
  • constant desire to urinate, and the process is accompanied by the sensations of cramps and pains;
  • the complete dysfunction of the ureter in which the urge to urinate completely stopped;
  • incontinence.

Most often these symptoms, patients with BPH are attributed to age, and thus do not seek help from a doctor, which leads to kidney failure and even death.

Therefore, to treat the prostate adenoma necessary at the first signs of its manifestation.

Comprehensive treatment

In General, the treatment of prostatic adenoma depends on the General condition of the patient, signs and stage of development of BPH, and its related diseases. Still, this disease can be used as drugs and surgical methods. May also include treatment of enlarged prostate without surgery, but rather folk remedies, but only under the strict supervision of a physician.

medikamentoznyj metod lecheniyaMedical treatment is only applied at the first stage of the disease. In this case treatment of the prostate is carried out using preparations of androgens, which restores its work at the first stage of the disease. For best results use candles from BPH, which have a direct therapeutic effect on the tumor, namely:

  • improve the process of urination;
  • prevents inflammation of the gland;
  • eliminate pain.

But, these medicines can only stop the growth of tumors, thereby preventing the transition of the disease in the second or third stage, when surgical intervention is simply inevitable.

Surgical treatment for prostate cancer can be done in two ways:

  • TRANS urethral resection of the prostate is a closed operation aimed at the removal of the adenoma through the urethra;
  • adenomectomy, during which the prostate adenoma is completely removed. This open surgery is traumatic, but the mosteffective.

To avoid complications and possibly surgical intervention diet with adenoma of the prostate, which is the most important item in the treatment of this disease.

Vitamins and minerals in the fight against tumor

In the adenoma, the patient should include in your diet foods that are rich in fatty acids, namely:

  • chicken liver;
  • fish oil;
  • walnut.

Important! The percentage of fatty acids in food should not exceed one third.

To restore the gland will help the vegetables and foods that are high in zinc content, such as:

  • pine nuts;
  • egg yolk;
  • parsley;
  • pumpkin seeds.

The patient should completely eliminate from your diet fried, salty and spicy food. But, in order to reduce the rate of cell division and tumor growth, and normalize the blood circulation in the body, thus returning him to "manhood" can be used folk remedies, including infusions and decoctions on the celandine.

Recipes based on celandine in the adenoma

Although the treatment of BPH celandine is the most effective method, but it is only at the first stage of development of the disease. In addition, the use of greater celandine is contraindicated in those patients who have diseases such as:

  • bronchial asthma;
  • epilepsy;
  • neurological disorders.

The use of celandine can cause various side effects (nausea, vomiting and even paralysis).

Important! Before the treatment of BPH to test the patient's tolerance of the plant.

Therefore, before using this herb you should consult with a specialist. However, for the treatment of BPH celandine, you can apply its juice to 1 drop per day for 2 weeks. You can also prepare an infusion of dried greater celandine. For this you need to fill 1st. a spoonful of herbs with boiling water and insist 2 hours. To make the tincture should be 1st. L. three times a day for half an hour before meals.

Yet in order to increase the effectiveness of treatment of BPH, and thus completely eliminate the risk of developing this kind of disease, you need to follow the simple rules of prevention.


otkaz ot kureniyaAmong the methods of prevention of BPH in men experts have in the first place – regular visits to the urologist. And, of course, timely treatment of the disease. At the first sign of BPH, the patient should immediately consult a doctor, and in any case not to self-medicate. Subsequent prevention of benign prostatic hyperplasia involves the use of measures such as:

  • proper and adequate nutrition;
  • not to abuse alcoholic beverages;
  • do not smoke;
  • active sports;
  • to harden.

By following these rules you can permanently forget about BPH.