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Exercise in prostate cancer

Prostate adenoma is a tumor that is benign in nature. The location of this tumor is such that even the small size put pressure on the urethra, and there is a threat of serious complications that threaten extensive inflammatory process. To prevent violations of functions of bodies and to restore impaired doctors recommend exercise when the prostate cancer. They are part of treatment and should continue after the end of treatment. In General, the correct way of life with prostate cancer can significantly improve men's health.

Giving physiotherapy?

Exercise with prostate cancer perform to improve blood circulation and strengthen abdominal muscles. This allows you to halt the growth of tumors. If the patient's age, the exercises will help alleviate the condition, reduce the pain.

Before you begin to exercise, you need to consult with your doctor to clarify the allowable load. At the same time, we should not forget about other necessary procedures. Package that includes a massage with prostate cancer and special exercises are good support for the male body.

Static exercises

Gymnastics in the adenoma of the prostate should be performed regularly. This is the basic rule. Static exercise will support tone the abdominal muscles and pelvic muscles. They especially needed men who spend a lot of time sitting, for example, driving or at the computer. They strengthen the abdominal muscles and the perineum, inner and outer thighs.

Three main exercises static complex:

  • Stand on the elbows and knees. As long as you need to try to stay in position, standing on the elbows and knees.
  • Sitting position on the chair. Squeeze your knees toward each other until you feel mild shaking. At the same time, suck in your stomach and try to hold on for a minute. In a minute to repeat again, and repeat several times.
  • The lying position. The exercise is simple, but very effective. Need to raise the legs as possible but not tear the buttocks from the floor. Try to keep legs as long as possible. Repeat a few times.

Dynamic exercises

Physical therapy for prostate cancer includes a variety of complexes, including those that involve active movement. This kind of exercise not only strengthens muscles, but also gives courage, especially if you pick appropriate music.

A few dynamic exercises:

  • gimnastika pri adenome prostaty You need to lie on your stomach and try to simultaneously raise and then lower arms and legs. You can run at any pace, which forces the patient.
  • A great exercise is push-UPS. Do not have to wring out from the floor. If physical training won't allow it, can be wrung from a table or from a chair. The number of push-UPS must be such that the load was felt, but there was extreme fatigue.
  • Walking on the buttocks. The patient sits on the floor, his legs stretched out in front of him. Now we need to move forward and backward just by moving the buttocks.
  • Exercise bike. It runs from the supine position. The legs should be raised and simulate Cycling, moving feet forward, then back. It is sufficient to perform this exercise 5 minutes daily.

A good effect can give yoga with prostate adenoma. It is used also in the form of a set of exercises. They ease symptoms, improve the function of internal organs by eliminating stagnation and increasing blood flow. It is best to find the opportunity to engage in yoga therapy constantly. Initially have to do this with a professionaltrainer because yoga is not only exercise, but proper breathing.