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Characteristics of hepatic adenomas

Liver adenoma is a benign neoplasm in the liver. Reliably causes tumors has not been established. These formations develop from epithelial tissue, vascular structures or from stromal elements. Universally accepted classification of adenomas of the liver, but there are several types of such entities. Liver tumor most often affects women aged 20-40 years. It has a dense node which has different sizes. The formulations can be single or multiple.

The danger of this education lies in the possibility of malignancy (degeneration into malignant tumor), then the probability is 10 %. This particularly applies to large entities.

The etiology of the disease

To say exactly for such reasons develop nodes in the liver is impossible. However, it is known that most cases of women took hormonal contraceptives. Because it is possible to draw conclusions about the relationship of pathology with hormonal drugs and hormonal imbalance. Also, was the relationship with the administration of steroid drugs. There were also cases, when education in the liver disappeared by themselves after discontinuation of such drugs.

Diseases such as multiple adenoma of the kidney and glycogen storage disease (an inherited disorder associated with impaired glucose metabolism) are considered to be prerequisites for the appearance of hepatic adenomas.

The types of the disease

adenoma pecheniAdenomas the characteristics of the structure and the structure can be divided into the following types:

  • tubular adenoma;
  • trabecular adenoma.

There is also another classification of these tumors:

  • hepatocellular adenoma – often characterized by the presence of the capsule;
  • hemangioma of the liver – the most common type of pathology;
  • focal nodular hyperplasia liver – there can be bleeding;
  • nodular regenerative hyperplasia of the liver – dangerous type of disease, which can be considered as a precancerous stage.


Liver adenoma is often not manifested by any symptoms or manifested slight symptoms.

ostrye boli v oblasti zhivotaIt is diagnosed by accident when a General survey of the patient. If the tumor had enough to progress, and saw a gap, you experience the following symptoms of adenoma of the liver:

  • acute pain in the abdomen;
  • pale skin that develops in the presence of blood loss;
  • sweating, thirst;
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • dizziness and fainting.

When these symptoms the patient requires urgent medical assistance.


To diagnose the liver tumor is possible by means of ultrasound, magnetic resonance and computed tomography. Can also be used scintigraphy and selective angiography. These measures should be complemented by other studies.


Treatment of adenoma of the liver begins with discontinuation of hormonal contraceptives or medications. In most cases, it helps to reduce the size of the formations. Medical treatment of liver tumors is not possible. It is possible to observe the patient for a long time, if there is no indication for urgent surgery.

Large adenomas and tumors that had ruptured, need urgent surgical removal. Pregnancy can cause rupture of the education, because the detection of adenomas of the liver must remove. Surgical intervention is performed by resection. After removal carried out the histological examination and prescribe further treatment.