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Pregnancy and adenomyosis

Adenomyosis is one of the cases of endometriosis, localized in the muscular layer of the uterus. Tissue of the endometrium, i.e., uterine mucosa, get into other parts of the body and grow there. In the case of adenomyosis that occurs in the muscular layer of the uterus. Like the endometrium grow into the muscular tissue. The essence of the disease is that endometrial cells behave always the same, that is, in the second half of the cycle, they increase in size in anticipation of pregnancy, and in its absence should be cut off, and to go out with the menstrual blood. But such a withdrawal from the muscle tissue of the uterus is not, therefore, cause a local hemorrhage, causing inflammation.

The disease is accompanied by a drop in immunity, hormonal exchange. Often ill women of 35-40 years. Most commonly adenomyosis is found among women survivors of surgery on the uterus, abortions and miscarriages. At risk women are exposed to stress, having a heavy physical work, abusing tanning (both natural and artificial in the Solarium).

The symptoms of adenomyosis

  • Pain in the pelvic region before menstruation, during it and a few days later;
  • Highlight dark brown color from the genital tract for some time before the onset of menstruation and after it;
  • Menstrual cycle;
  • Change the size and shape of the uterus;
  • Pain during sexual intercourse;
  • Possible profuse menstruation.

Since the violation of hormonal background, one of the consequences of adenomyosis is the inability to conceive a child. About half of the cases of infertility associated with adenomyosis. But isn't the fact that adenomyosis is the cause of infertility. Some experts say that the adenomyosis of the uterus and pregnancy are incompatible only in cases with additional pathology. However, additional pathology is very often accompanied by adenomiose, for example, uterine fibroids.

Is it possible to get pregnant during adenomiose?

All very individually. For some women it is impossible, others have successfully become pregnant after the surgery or hormonal treatment, and some know about the disease, just become pregnant and consult your doctor about this.


In identifying adenomyosis in a pregnant woman after her established medical control. It is important that, if necessary, to take timely measures, because often the pregnancy is under threat in the case of adenomyosis.

Although the case of favorable course of pregnancy and normal childbirth, and even self-healing of the body during pregnancy. The fact that pregnancy is a physiological menopause, hormonal balance radically rebuilt, and in such periods the rate of growth of foci of disease is reduced. The condition of the uterus significantly improves the known cases of complete cure.

Adenomyosis and fertility

Before getting pregnant, it would be nice to pass the examination. If found to be adenomyosis, the conception of a child is to be postponed. Manifestations of the disease can be anything, it is completely unpredictable. It is best to undergo treatment and wait about six months. Perhaps the disease does not manifest itself in the process of carrying a child, and may flare up with renewed vigor. Then assigned to the anti-inflammatory and hormonal therapy.

Most often, the threat of pregnancy occurs in the first trimester, if this period has passed successfully, it is likely that even in the case of adenomyosis and then nothing will threaten the mother or child.


menopause. In more serious cases will need treatment, but with mild symptoms can try out the treatment of folk remedies adenomyosis.

Traditional medicine offers both internal and external resources. It can be various infusions of herbs and their fees, the treatment with leeches, the application of a poultice of clay on the lower abdomen.

In conclusion, we can say that regular preventive examinations of women at the gynecologist, should not be ignored, because often they allow us to detect pathology at the earliest stages.