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Treatment of folk remedies adenomyosis

Women's health depends on a hormonal background, which may be disrupted more often due to adenomyosis. This disease is accompanied by inflammation of the female genital organs. The uterus grows into the muscle layer, which provokes the failure of hormone production. The General condition of the woman's body deteriorates, the immune system crashes, reproductive function is impaired.

Conventional treatment of adenomyosis of the uterus

In medical practice uses the following methods for the treatment of adenomyosis of the uterus:

  • Hormonal. Taking drugs that normalize hormones. With this purpose, hormonal drugs. For example, the spread recently received treatment for adenomyosis Janina.
  • Surgical. Indications for use of this method are as follows:
    • diffuse adenomyosis 3 and 4 degrees;
    • nodular adenomyosis (the ineffectiveness of hormone therapy);
    • complication other abnormalities in the uterus or ovaries (tumors, myomas, inflammation of uterine cervix, endometrial pathology).

Each of these ways has contraindications and may cause unpleasant complications. In addition, some patients it is impossible to use neither one nor the other method. It is much safer to use treatment of adenomyosis of the uterus folk remedies.

Folk remedies

Consider the basic methods:

      1)Irrigation with herbal infusions. For this purpose it is possible to make a special collection of equal parts of herbs such as calendula, peony, yarrow, cudweed, celandine, mistletoe, oak bark and nettle. Collection pour boiling water and infuse. Medicinal douching make the filtered infusion several times a day.
      2)Clay poultice. The healing properties of clay have long been known. With it also treat adenomyosis. For the procedure to use metal utensils is not recommended. First, the clay must be crushed and add water. Leave it for ten hours. After gently mix until a mass of uniform consistency. The clay is put in a glass jar and reheat for ten minutes for a couple. Then roll the plastic over a clay pellet and leave the state. Now you can go and put the cake on the lower abdomen. Relax and stay like this for a while. But not more than two hours. To obtain the result you need to spend six or seven treatments. For each procedure you need to use fresh clay.
      3)herbs Treatment adenomyosis. Well established following recipes:
    • Decoction of marsh cinquefoil (taken after meals) and decoction of herbs upland uterus (one hour before eating). Decoctions are prepared separately as follows: a tablespoon of chopped herbs, pour with water and boil for fifteen minutes.
    • Medicinal infusion of the roots of the coil, cinquefoil, calamus, nettle leaves, grass, knotweed and shepherd's purse. Parts of these plants are mixed in equal parts and poured with boiling water. Infuse for two hours. Strain and take half a Cup three times a day. The recommended course of a month. If recovery does not occur, repeat the course in two weeks.
    • Therapeutic infusion of calamus root and celandine, juniper berries, the buds of poplar and birch, plantain leaves. A teaspoon of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water. To insist hour. Take to the strained three times a day during the period of oocyte maturation. To improve the efficiency of the infusion twice a day to drink tincture of a peony on forty drops. Make the month. Then a break for a week.
    • Therapeutic infusion of the leaves of anise, sage, eucalyptus, clover, fireweed, black currant and licorice root. Prepared according to the same recipe. To take in the period of menstruation for three or four cycles. To improve the efficiency twice a day drink extract of Eleutherococcus thirty drops.

funds can be an effective alternative to drug therapy and surgical intervention. But the result requires a long application and a systematic approach. The use of folk recipes can also complement traditional therapeutic treatment. In addition, some decoctions and infusions will help to recover faster after surgery.