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Angioma in newborns – is it necessary to panic?

In 90% of cases with angiom born babies. Many learned about the disease, panicking, because it looks eerily angioma. And in fact this lesion is not cancer, does not lead to the development of metastasis. Angioma is formed from lymphatic and blood vessels in the form of a red or bluish in color. A dangerous disease is in the case of tumors in the brain, with the rapid growth with possible bleeding in the brain.

Physicians have one of the versions that angioma in newborns comes from the fact that the pregnant ex was leading unhealthy lifestyle. Development entities contribute to the suffering during pregnancy dangerous viral diseases, constant use of certain strong medicines.

Types of tumors

  • angioma u novorozhdennyhLymphangioma. Develops from the lymphatic vessels. Sometimes tends to progression;
  • Tumor capillary. The most common tumor consisting of small blood vessels. Formed in the upper part of the body, red, with pressure on it becomes pale;
  • Arterial and venous. Consists of veins or arteries. Venous has a bluish color, blood – red;
  • The cavernous. A rare type, but has a bluish-maroon color and it looks horrible. This angioma in children can be formed not only on the skin surface, but also on the internal organs.

Angioma on the face of a child can look like a mole red. If it does not cause itching, do not bother, there is no inflammation, then worry no sense. Often to 6 years it disappears completely, as is often associated with age-related changes of the circulatory system. If the tumor is close to the eyes or nose, it is better to consult a surgeon for removal. This also applies to those cases, if there was a tumor on the genitals, and if there is a progression in size.

Angioma in the language of the infant or on the lips looks like a colorless tumor. Refers to simple lymphangiomas.

The diagnosis of angioma

Difficulty is, especially on the outer surface of the skin. Tumors have distinct color and turn pale when pressed. For complex types it is possible to diagnose in an x-ray. X-ray gives the opportunity to explore vessels that feed the tumor; to determine the exact size of internal tumours, their form, place of location.


What you can treat the angiom the child decide only a doctor. Treatment can be both surgical and conservative. Depends on the type of tumor, forms, locations, availability, growth, growth rate.

Methods of treatment:

  • Surgical. Carried out the removal with a laser, scalpel or cryoablation. The effect of the treatment is high.
  • Conservative. Is sclerotherapy or hormonal therapy.

Tumors in the brain

Angioma of the thalamus of the brain of infants, and in General, lately has become a frequent disease that is a threat. The tumor can have accelerated development. The sizes are different. If multiple angiomas, the disease is called Angiomatosis.

angioma u novorozhdennyhDivided into cavernous and venous type. Complicated by frequent hemorrhages. Tend frequent pressure on the brain.


  • Nausea
  • Cramps
  • The poor sensitivity of the skin
  • Possible development of epileptic seizures

Cavernous angioma of the brain can develop without symptoms and then be complicated by any second gap cavities, which leads to hemorrhage.


The cavernous type tumors in the early stages is treated by means of sclerotherapy with occlusion of pathological vessels by the introduction of the treatment solution.With the rapid progression of venous or cavernous tumors is carried out hormonal therapy. If treatment is not effective, then in the later stages, with full formation of the angioma, a surgical intervention.

Do I need to compulsorily treat all angiomas?

Spontaneously angiomas in children are rare, approximately 14% of cases. The simple tumors, which will eventually become pale in color, reduced in size, we regress. Newborns after treatment angiomas may disappear quickly. Important role in the prevention of transition of a simple type of angioma in complex form played by the timely diagnosis of a specialist, properly assigned timely treatment.

Mixed forms of tumors and cavernous type are more dangerous. It is important to prevent inflammation, increase in size, bleeding. After remain unsightly sores or scars, this is especially bad if the angioma was on the skin of the face.

Thus, parents of a newborn it is important to know that the angioma is not a sentence, as cured. The main thing is to monitor the tumor, to undergo a proper consultation with a specialist to implement all the recommendations.