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What is a stellate angioma?

Angioma is a benign entity which has several varieties. Angioma is a bunch of woven vessels. Often this pathology is congenital. Education occurs in people of any age. One of the options of education is stellate angioma. It is not dangerous to human health. However, sometimes this kind of disease began to increase in size. It gives cosmetic discomfort and poses a risk of damage. In this case, treatment is necessary.

Characteristics of education

Stellate angioma looks like a single, old angiom, which is common in people of any age. Very often this education is localized on the face (cheeks, nose or under the eyes) and neck.
Appearance of education resembles a star, hence the name of the pathology. Spider veins is in the center of a vertically positioned vessel, from which all parties leave smaller vessels. The size of the formation can vary considerably. Stellate angioma may be a diameter of several millimeters, and may reach several centimeters. With its growth it becomes convex, which increases the likelihood of injury education.


zvezdchataya angiomaIt is not known what causes develops angioma. It can be congenital or develop in old age. Alleged reasons are:

  • hormonal disorders in the body, an excessive amount of estrogen;
  • the child stellate angioma may be due to a viral diseases of the mother during pregnancy (in early pregnancy);
  • liver disease;
  • excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, excessive exposure to the sun or in the Solarium.

It is presumed causes of tumor formation. But absolutely precisely it is impossible to judge about the factors under which influence occurs angioma.


Stellate angioma able to reside on any part of the body. It may not change its appearance and in no way to remind the person about yourself. But in some cases it is rapidly growing in size. At the centre of education, the skin is raised, forming convex upland. When pressed on the Central part of the observed blanching of education.

No unpleasant or painful sensations angioma causes. It doesn't itch, not sore and inflamed. If the damage to the education she was profusely bleeding due to active blood supply.


Examination and diagnosis do not represent a complex task. The decision on appointment removal education the patient receives a physician. If education is actively increasing, it is convex, which creates the risk of damage, it is best to remove it.

This purpose can be used the following methods of treatment of angioma:

  • cryosurgery (freezing with liquid nitrogen);
  • sclerotherapy (injection of special drugs in education);
  • surgery;
  • laser removal (no scarring);
  • x-rays (effectively, however, is harmful to the body);
  • electrocautery (removal by means of the current).

Can also be treated using medicine, if it is approved by a physician.