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How to apply for disability for cancer?

Before you understand all the intricacies of the question about the design of disability in the case of cancer, it is necessary to deal with the concept of disability. So a disabled man can be called that because of their illness cannot fully move and work. In order that a sick man could best adapt to his surroundings, he should be given the necessary social support. Disability in Oncology shall be awarded after passing a health examination.

What documents should be collected to a person who intends to apply for disability for cancer?

dokumentyFirst of all I should say that for the recognition of disability requires passage of the examination, which is governed by the Rules of recognition of the person the invalid".

Below is a list of documents required for registration of disability in the case of Oncology:

1. Passport or any other document which is able to replace it;

2. The application to the Bureau of medico-social examination (BSE), which will allow you to pass the examination;

3. The policy of obligatory medical insurance;

4. The direction in BMSA from the medical institution where the patient was treated. Can also approach from the direction of the pension Fund or the social protection authority;

5. Any medical documents confirming the presence of cancer. These include data produced by surveys cards from the clinic and discharge from the Oncology clinics;

6. In some cases, a person suffering from cancer, you will need to present a testimonial to his workplace with an indication of the working conditions. This certificate can be obtained at the place of work.

For registration of disability in Oncology need to contact the service BMSA at the place of residence of the patient. The first examination of the patient in this instance may be completed after a medical certificate issued by him in the cause of cancer to exceed 4 months. For those who have not worked, timing the same, but they can be increased at the discretion of the attending physician.

What is the procedure?

zapolnenie dokumentov For starters, the patient should contact her physician, oncologist, which should help with the rules of registration of documents in BMSA. Very important awareness in this matter. After three months have passed since the beginning of patient treatment, the doctor usually recommends that it be responsible for collecting all required for processing of disability documents. The attending physician can also help to collect all discharge from hospitals, as well as data about testing, and then he gives his patient a Tender sheet with which the patient must avoid all other doctors. Of course, the main diagnosis will be cancer, but other doctors will make the sheet information on the accompanying pathologies. Also the patient should pass all the necessary tests of urine, blood and feces.

Once all the documents have been collected, and Tender sheet filled out, the attending doctor makes the final diagnosis, which he should assure the surgeon of the clinic, which is observed by the patient, or his Deputy. It should be noted that for confirmation of the cancer diagnosis to provide the staff BMSA radiographs and histological data of the survey. Usually doctor knows all necessary documents in order to prevent re-examination of his patient for them to disability.

The criteria affecting the determination of the degree of disability and disability groups

One of the mostthe main criteria is the organ that is affected by the tumor. For example, after treatment of skin cancer patient may go into full operation, but the tumor of the internal organs of his capability will be significantly reduced. Therefore, in such cases doctors advise their patients not to go to work at all.

Also the definition of disability in Oncology has an impact and localization of the tumor in the affected organ. All information about the possible growth of the tumor, its shape and size can be obtained from the attending physician, who also will work on forecasting the development of cancer. A great example is the cancer of hollow organs, which is very difficult to detect at an early stage of the disease. Therefore, it requires several operations, which violate many of the functions of the authority.

Disability group on Oncology also depend on the volume and number of surgical interventions, as they do more harm to the patient than resection. Many experts also believe that radiation and chemotherapy should also be considered when determining disability group, even though they pass with time. The reason for such precautions are possible consequences that can entail data treatment methods.

What decisions can bear, BMSA?

gruppy invalidnostiFirst and foremost, the staff of BMCA determine the group of disability of the patient, focusing on providing them with medical certificates and references. Also usually specifies the date of reexamination, or the disability is determined permanent. If the patient is diagnosed with a malignant tumor, the extension of the treatment on the certificate for incapacity for work are virtually eliminated. In Russia there is a special List of diseases in which the disability group is determined to end a person's life. Cancers represented in this List of three items:

1. Malignant neoplasms with metastasis after a radical treatment; metastases, the study of which doctors were not detected the primary lesion produced by the ineffectiveness of treatment; the heavy state of the organism after the treatment; incurability disease with collapse of the tumor;

2. Malignant neoplasms of lymphoid, hematopoietic and related tissues revealed the dire state of the body;

3. Benign tumors afflicting the brain and spinal cord, causing the patient has disorders of the musculoskeletal system, as well as visual and speech function. Also in the List of diseases can be attributed to such liquorodynamic violations.

In some cases (especially after emergency surgery) can be formed other reasons for which to judge disability. Then the group of disability for cancer, can also be installed permanently. Such reasons include the amputation of limbs and the imposition of a permanent colostomy.

Useful tips

When deciding how to apply for disability in Oncology, it is necessary to consider all nuances. There are times when the attending physician, service of social protection of the population or employees of the pension Fund do not see the sense in assigning a patient disability. In this case, the sick person is urged to contact BMA with the application. But for this he need to collect all the information about the passage of medical examination and treatment, to deal with the passage of doctors and testing. Also in this case, the patient will need to take in a medical facility where he was observed, a certificate stating that the health care institution refuses to help in the designdisability.

Also, there are times when the patient after the transferred operations cannot independently collect all necessary documents and pass an examination in BMSA, as it can move. Then the patient will need to achieve the organization meeting of the Commission at home. It should be noted that employees of the institution do not deny cancer patients in this request. This is due to the right of each patient for consideration of its application in the case of the need to recognize his disability.