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How to recognize cancer of the bronchi on the first symptoms?

rak bronhov Cancer of the bronchi, or as it is called the Central lung cancer is one of the few malignant diseases, the causes of which are known at 100%. World scientists on the basis of conducted researches it was proved that the prerequisites for the occurrence of this disease creates such a bad habit people like Smoking. This is due to the fact that nicotine is detrimental effect on the mucous membranes of the bronchi, as well as locating them glands of internal secretion. Nicotine also provokes excessive secretion of mucus, which contributes to the increased risk of developing bronchitis. The epithelial cilia that are located inside the bronchial tubes, hidden under a thick layer of mucus, which occurs due not clearing the respiratory tract. A variety of particles that penetrate along with the air flow inhaled into the respiratory tract, are deposited on the walls of the bronchi, providing irritant effect, which in turn can trigger the occurrence of malignancies.

One of the main reasons contributing to cancer of the bronchi, it is proved on the basis of experiments, is a malignant transformation of the tissues of the bronchi, occurring under the influence of various factors. According to statistics about 90% of people who suffer from this disease – active smokers. Also in this risk group are people who in their work have contact with radiation as well as the production workers recognized as harmful. These include people who are in the process of working directly in contact with volatile substances and reagents and workers of cement plants, mines and glass industries.

How clearly expressed symptoms and what time they will appear depends directly on how big is the affected bronchus. If it has a large size, the violation may begin to occur almost immediately after the tumor appeared. With the growth of the tumor may impair oxygen exchange and have disturbing effects on the inner lining of the bronchus. Because of this, you can see one of the first symptoms of the disease – cough. It is worth noting that in the first stage of the disease cough may be dry, but after a short period of time, in the event of violations of the outflow of secretions from the bronchi, which are below the place where the tumor arose, when the cough begins to stand out phlegm.


After some time, the sputum if you get an infection festered or starts to move with the content in her blood veins, and sometimes even blood clots, if there is a germination of the blood vessel wall. Most of the people suffering from this disease, cancer of the bronchi it is at this stage. If you experience the first symptoms you need to think about treatment in specialized medical institutions.

In the future, depending on how fast the tumor grows and in which direction is it growing the symptoms of the disease are different. There may be shortness of breath and signs of oxygen starvation of the organism due to the exclusion of the affected part of the lung from the process of respiration. The coughing fits can start at any time regardless of, in what is currently the position is the patient, and other external conditions. Under the condition, that will mark the festering sputum, it may be a manifestation of fever or chills on the background of increasing body temperature.

Additional symptoms of the symptoms of cancer of the bronchi are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Fatigue
  • Depression

As the diseaseit may be characterized by manifestations of pain and heaviness in the chest. A cancer spreading in the direction of the heart, causes pain in this area When the conditions of damage of the vagus nerve can distort voices, and the spread of the tumor to the side of the phrenic nerve, paralysis of diaphragm, partial and full.