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The most common symptoms of cancer in children

The causes of cancer include bad habits, work in hazardous work, long stay in conditions of the polluted environment.

Causes of cancer

rak u detejAmong children under 15 years mortality from cancer is second after deaths from injuries. Boys, meanwhile, are susceptible to oncological diseases (in General) two times more than girls. Why do children get cancer annually falls ill about 15 children for every 100 thousand healthy), if they have no bad habits, and in conditions of bad environmental situation they managed to live long? To this question the researchers are not yet ready to give an answer.

And if the causes of cancer in children doctors are not available, the cause of high infant mortality were the carelessness of parents, the inexperience of doctors and limited access to modern methods of diagnostics of oncological diseases. You also need to emphasize the inability of children (infants and younger children) to explain what's bothering them. The diagnosis of cancer in the first stage is only 10% of children. The rest of the children the diagnosis is confirmed when the malignancy has moved to the 2nd, 3rd or 4th stage.

Signs of cancer

Most often develop for children with malignant blood diseases, in second place are neoplasms of the Central nervous system, in third place on the frequency of occurrence is Hodgkin's disease. It is very important in this case to diagnose the disease and begin treatment. It is therefore imperative that parents were able to recognize the signs of cancer in children. These include:

  • headaches and vomiting;
  • gait disturbance, loss of coordination;
  • the decrease in visual acuity.
  • anemia;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • dramatic weight loss;
  • fatigue and weakness;
  • swollen lymph nodes.

The reason for the high mortality of children is that children who died from cancer a long time to establish an accurate diagnosis pass treatment of completely different diseases, which they do not. In the result the cancer is progressing and when you can still cure the child, overlooked.

golovnye boli For example, for headache or vomiting, the child treats the pediatrician or gastroenterologist. In many cases, the parents simply ignore the symptoms of disease, while treating at home. Besides, if you only have these symptoms the doctors just can't imagine that the baby is growing a brain tumor: vomiting and headache – the symptoms of many diseases, and the probability of occurrence of brain cancer is quite small. A diagnostic procedure which can be used to refute or confirm this diagnosis – MRI of the head is not cheap (and free procedure huge queue), it is believed that referral for an MRI in a child should be more pronounced the symptoms.

Parents often overlook these simple symptoms of cancer in children, as a violation of coordination of movements. Children tend to indulge and APE, so their parents can for a long time not to attach significance to the fact that the child's gait changes, child falls or stumbles for no reason, refuses to undergo a relatively small distance, complaining of fatigue.

snizhenie zreniyaSymptoms such as decreased vision – is in itself a reason to sound the alarm and run to the hospital. Of course, the vision may fall due to the abuse of watching TV or playing computer games, but vision can be disrupted and the growth of a tumor in the brain, optic nerves, etc.

Symptoms such as anemia may develop in a child after an infectious disease and pass after amplification of nutrition and strengthen the immune system, but can also be a symptom ofdangerous diseases such as cancer of the blood. The same can be said about the fever – it can be a symptom of colds and signs of development of malignant process in the body.

Quick weight loss – perhaps the universal sign of development of malignant process in the body. Besides cancer, this symptom may indicate endocrine disorders or other serious diseases that require immediate diagnosis.

Generic symptoms of serious illness is fatigue and weakness. However, how to distinguish, whether the cranky young child or really tired from performing simple daily activities? The child is not hungry and he was tired of his old toys, or he was so seriously ill that are not able to eat and play?

If chlamydia cervical lymph nodes are increased in 90% of cases, but we must not forget the fact that the lymph nodes in children are increased in many diseases. Therefore, doctors and parents think about the worst only in the most extreme case. Should be particularly wary if the enlargement of lymph nodes accompanied by fever, increased sweating, pruritus, and weight loss.

The prognosis of a cancer in a child

Children with cancer, in prognostic terms are more likely to survive than adults with the same disease at the same stage. This is due, primarily, youthful body, whose resources are not so depleted as adults. In addition, the development of modern medicine can cure many forms of cancer if they are diagnosed at early stages, or significantly extend the life of cancer patients with incurable forms of cancer.

In addition, to help children with cancer in the state is sent every year more and more money and effort, not to remain on the sidelines and charitable organizations. For the treatment of children with cancer in cases where domestic medicine is powerless, the money for treatment abroad to collect with the help of caring people are more likely than adults in the same situation. Cancer of any stage should fight for life. You should not give up if we are talking about a child's life, after all, known cases where malignancies regressed even in 4th stage.