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Paypel biopsy

One of the diagnostic procedures, which gives extremely accurate information, is the biopsy. To analyze the biopsy is resorted to in those cases where it is necessary to establish a benign or malignant process goes on in the body.

What is this analysis? Of problem areas originate tissue simply tiny pieces. These particles are sent for histological analysis in a special laboratory. It determines whether the sample atypical cells, and what they are.

How is a biopsy?

Depending on which body is chosen it is necessary to examine the technique of taking of the material. For example, a biopsy of the blood is a standard procedure to which we are accustomed. Just the material (blood) is investigated in a certain way.

vrachNodal education in a thyroid gland is an indication for biopsy of the body. Because it is located in an accessible place, and almost immediately under the skin, the procedure is performed by puncture with a special needle. Needle biopsy of the thyroid gland helps to set any of the cells includes a node and determine its nature: it is benign or malignant. Also, as lymph node biopsy, this procedure is quick and almost painless.

To perform a biopsy in areas less accessible to the penetration of medical instruments develop special techniques. The intestinal biopsy is often done by endoscopy, i.e., penetration of the special tool into the intestine. Such penetration may be carried out simultaneously with other studies of the intestine, for example, by colonoscopy. In this case, determines the state of the mucous membrane and does her part for histological analysis.

The biggest problem is a brain biopsy, as the "reach the goal" in this case is difficult. This procedure is an invasive method with many complications.

For biopsies of certain organs are developing more sophisticated methods. One of the most common histological studies the study of the endometrium, the lining of the uterus. Since the body is not too close to the skin surface and the penetration of it presents some difficulties, were developed more than a new method of endometrial biopsy uterine biopsy PayPal.

What is PayPal biopsy?

vrachiThis modern method of biopsy is called thus by the name of the inventor of the tool Pipes. The usual classical procedure of biopsy of the mucosa of the uterus requires anesthesia because of the need to expand the cervical canal. Painful it is, moreover, possible complications, so the procedure there is a whole list of contraindications. PayPal the biopsy was much less painful procedure.

The tool is a flexible plastic tube with a side hole at the tip. Its thickness is only 3 mm so it easily passes into the uterus, requiring no additional measures. Inside the tube there is a movable piston. PayPal is introduced into the uterine cavity. Further half of the length of the piston is removed, this creates a negative pressure in PayPal absorbed endometrium. The resulting material is sent to histological laboratory. The procedure takes literally one minute.

Paypel biopsy is appointed in the same cases as conventional biopsy:

  • To determine the hyperplastic processes: proliferation or consolidation of the endometrium.
  • To determine the causes of pathological uterine bleeding,
  • To determine the causes of infertility
  • By hormone therapy,
  • Before in vitro fertilization.

The portability of this procedure is much easier, no problems with itconduct and complications practically do not exist.
Modern medical science does not stand still, it creates more and more new diagnostic methods that can detect dangerous changes in the body at early stages. It is important that we promptly asked for the diagnosis.