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Cancer symptoms cheeks

Until today it is not known what causes such a terrible disease as cancer. Cancerous growths can occur in a person who in his life never was sick and did not seek help from professionals, that's a paradox. He spares neither man nor the baby. Cancer can strike both the righteous and the sinner, because his main mission is to ruin and destroy people from the inside.

Of course, assumptions about the mechanism of development of such terrible diseases lot, whole councils of doctors struggling with that issue for decades, but so far in vain.

In any case, sick so heavy, physically and psychologically, by the illness to give up should not be. Those who suspect the origin of this insidious disease it is necessary to pay attention to the symptoms.

The types of the disease

rakovoe novoobrazovanie na slizistoj sheki Not superfluous to readers to know that a cancerous tumor on the buccal mucosa does not always look like a ulcer or a burn from something. View of the tumor may have the following:

  • Ulcers, with damaged mucosa of the cheek, the ulcer is not healing, and only gradually increases in size.
  • Pappilary, there are dense growths that hang down into the mouth. During this type of the easiest way to cure the disease.
  • Knotty, there are seal with a clear distinct form, sometimes covered with spots with a white shade, and which very quickly increase in size.

But to diagnose the kind of cancer tumors is possible only after a definitive diagnosis, and for this we need to recognize the symptoms.

Find out crept the danger

Thus, the main goal is to diagnose disease, to help you get appropriate and adequate treatment to stay alive, defeating the illness.

As mentioned above, cancer of the cheek and oral cavity – a rather rare pathology, but, nevertheless, if you have a disease that she has and the corresponding symptoms.

At an early stage is very difficult to self-identify the disease, because pain in a patient not yet observed. So you should pay attention to:

  • the appearance on the cheeks of the pathological focus;
  • pain radiating to the ear and in the temples;
  • increased salivation;
  • difficulties in the process of chewing and swallowing movements of the jaw.

In case of occurrence of any of these symptoms should immediately run to the hospital to consult a doctor.

Everyone should know

What cigarettes have a detrimental impact on the body as a whole even known the little bugger, but the following information may force smokers to really think hard about the terrible consequences. The fact that statistically that is more common in smokers and chewing tobacco. If you continue to smoke, with such a terrible disease that no doctor can guarantee You many years of life, because, you see, the rescue of drowning – the handiwork primarily of drowning!