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Cancer symptoms

Cancer is dangerous because it begins and in the early stages in most cases are asymptomatic. If the symptoms of cancer began to appear intensively, then the cancer may already be at an advanced stage, when there is little chance of survival.

The most common symptoms of cancer

In our time there is a surge of diseases of Oncology. Causes of cancer can be varied: trauma from the fall, work on harmful manufacture, unfavorable ecological situation, hereditary factor etc., but the alarming symptoms in many cases are the same.

How to recognize cancer:

  • in malignant process may be concerned about the pain;
  • discomfort can be felt in any part of the body;
  • can occur uncaused loss of body weight;
  • can stay increased body temperature;
  • can weakness and fatigue;
  • it may be a sharp change in the condition of the hair and skin.

poterya massy telaPain the cancer appears when malignant process is at a later stage when involvement of the nerve endings in the malignant process. Some patients who were diagnosed with cancer, remember that a few months or even years before diagnosis they felt some foreign body inside, but did not give this fact special value.

Quick, rapid weight loss over several months is one of the most common signs of cancer. The reason is that cancer tumor synthesizes substances that drastically violate the metabolic processes in the body.

In the development of cancerous tumors suppressed the immune system, therefore, one of the early symptoms of a malignant tumor is a sudden increase in body temperature, which never drops. Fever can be a symptom of late stage cancer, in this case, the temperature increase provoked by chronic poisoning of the body waste products of the cells of a cancerous tumor and significant metabolic disorders.

Weakness and fatigue are also signs of cancer at an early stage. In this case, weakness occurs when the tumor invades blood vessels and causes anemia. In addition, fatigue in cancer can occur due to contact with the blood of metabolic products of tumors that poison the body.

vypadenie volosCancers in different organs can cause external changes. Because cancer affects metabolism, the external symptom of cancer can be loss of hair, fragile nails, discoloration of the skin, etc.

In the presence of all listed symptoms, the patient does not necessarily show up a cancer, but any serious health problems is quite likely. Therefore, when such symptoms should immediately go to the physician, who will prescribe the necessary tests and will be referred to specialists.

The most simple and cheap analysis, by which we can understand are occurring in the body inflammatory processes is the biochemical analysis of blood. When bad tests, the patient may be sent for ultrasound, x-ray or CT examination.

The symptoms are characteristic of specific types of cancer

Fever, loss of body weight, the pain is common symptoms of cancer. For certain types of cancer, there are specific symptoms such as cough for cancer is a symptom of lung cancer. Also, the symptoms of lung cancer is coughing up blood pus with blood and hoarseness. The symptoms of cancer of the stomach: difficulty swallowing. The symptoms of cancer of the throat: loss of voice. Signs of bowel cancer: diarrhea or constipation, unusual color of feces,blood in the stool.

Cancer in children

Small children can't explain what's bothering them or can stand the pain, deciding not to complain about adults. Therefore, parents often seek medical attention when the malignancy is in full swing.

Signs of cancer in children: loss of appetite, weight loss, moodiness, unreasonable fever, lethargy, etc., All these symptoms can be signs of any disease, so don't be afraid when they appear. Just be sure to consult to a doctor and find out the cause of this symptom.

Cancer in women

Owing to the special anatomical structure of cancer in women can manifest symptoms such as:

  • bleeding;
  • allocation;
  • changes in the breast.

krovotechenieThe woman should pay special attention if she began bleeding after menopause. Many shrug this fact is neglected, assuming that the returned monthly. While it is a symptom of cervical cancer of the uterus or appendages. Discharge from the genital tract with pus can be symptoms of cancer of the uterus. If you notice any unusual bleeding or discharge is necessary to do a test for Oncology. This is possible thanks to the fact that researchers found a large number of tumor markers, the presence of which in blood or discharge indicates inflammatory or malignant process in a particular organ or system of the body.

Change in breast shape, appearance of spots on the nipple or the presence of painless masses in the breast should alert any woman. Any incomprehensible change of the breast woman needs to go to the reception to mammologist and get tested. Breast cancer begins with these symptoms, its early treatment in most cases allows you to save the patient's life.

Cancer in men

The symptoms of cancer in men (prostate cancer) include a change in color of urine and frequent urination. These symptoms may indicate less life-threatening health problems. So at the first signs of these symptoms should consult a doctor.

If you have symptoms that indicate a possible serious health problems, including about the appearance of the cancer, do not despair and fall into depression. In the early stages of cancer, most tumors respond to treatment, and at later stages in many cases, can significantly prolong life. The main thing – not to self-medicate and do not postpone going to the doctor at the appearance of disturbing symptoms.